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  1. Ruud
    on the background the original picture of september 13th 1944. Maastricht. (the white square is were i cut out the cityname sign to verify it with the one i made in WORD) Thats the one i placed...
  2. Stacey Coleman
    If you know of any links I could post this please let me know.
  3. Poppy
    Thanks to Darren and Otto. Hope Darren can give some details about it. I'd guess it is the bombardment of Henderson airfield- Guadalcanal.
  4. RonUSMC
    First I have seen of "Lead Damn It". So many didn't!!
  5. Matthew Townsend
    Thank you so very much for that! I was so confused as to why i couldnt find any information about his reg/unit. I will take your advice and get on ww2talk. Thanks again, im very proud of him.

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