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45th ID & Sicilian Tigers

Discussion in 'Italy, Sicily & Greece' started by JTM, Feb 8, 2019.

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    I have foun a document that states the 45th ID knocked out 8 Mark VI Tiger tanks in Sicily in July 1943. This number is half of all the Tigers destroyed in Sicily. In the book "The history of 180th IR" are mentioned two wrecks, but one of them was destroyed by the 82nd AB and the other by the German crew. I attach the pictures of both of them. I would like to check which is the case with other wrecks.

    On 14th July, the 179th and 180th IRs reported some Tigers wrecks. If any one has the After Action Reports, I would like to know the position of the wrecks and position of the unit who destroyed them. Of course, if this is possible.


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