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A huge War, Westerns and Cold War/Spy movies list.

Discussion in 'WWII Films & TV' started by C.Evans, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. C.Evans

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    Nov 28, 2000
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    I had some free time on my hands over the past few months and decided to sift through Leonard Maltins book with over 10,000 titles. Im on limited use of a computer so this will be an ongoing list and I hope to start it this Thursday.

    Anyway, I wanted to bring a large list to the attention of fans of these types movies and have them here. I will have them listed as being available on DvD and will have some, most or all of the top actors listed with them. The first page I want to do will be the names of the Lad=ies and Gents who were in these movies and just to give you a scope of how big this list is going to be-well, once you see the names in Alphabetical order-in two catagories oe men and Women, you will get the idea.

    I also wanted to have a list like this because I will be adding obscure names and titles too, and as many foreign ones as I can. I do very much would like to see those interested in this-to please contribute to this list of titles and names that I might not list. If you can? i'd also like to know if the titles you post about are on DvD, I could care less about VHS. The only thing I ask if any here participate in this? is to only post them in the initial post you made so these movies will not be lost in chatter.

    Of the total number of Actors I have written down for this--will be over 1,000. A few movies will not have names of actors in them only because I cant find references to any. Also, when posting about a title, please give a little description of what the movie is about. That will be my last part of work on the list in posting a thumbnail description to this list. It will be an ongoing list as I find out about more obscure and rarely seen or unknown titles. Case in point-"Kapo"--which is an excellent film in B&W and is a foreign made film about women in a Concentration Camp. I think this was filmed in the late 50s or early 60s and is one hell of a great foreign language film.

    This list will NOT contain-at least by me-movies like: Inglorious Bastards and Saving Private Ryan--Battle For the Last Panzer, Pearl Harbor--etc. You will see mainstream ones like: Charge of the Light Brigade (Flynns only) or The Enemy Below, The Longest Day etc.

    If I dont list something like mentioneed above and you like it? then please list it.

    Hope you get what you need from this list. One major reason why im doing it is because I get stuff asked to me all the time and I dont have time to properly answer most of the questions.
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    Jan 5, 2009
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    At Carl's request, I'm making this thread a Sticky so that it will be accessible to those that are interested. Enjoy the thread.
  3. C.Evans

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    Nov 28, 2000
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    The Actors and Actresses.


    Bud Abbott.
    Joss Ackland.
    David Ackroyd.
    Dawn Adams.
    Nick Adams.
    John Agar.
    Philip Ahn.
    Claude Akins.
    Eddie Albert.
    Karl-Otto Alberty.
    Don Ameche.
    John Anderson.
    Melody Anderson.
    Michael Anderson jr.
    Richard Anderson.
    Werner Anderson.
    Keith Andes.
    Dana Andrews.
    Harry Andrews.
    Julie Andrews.
    Michael Ansara.
    Alan Arkon.
    Pedro Armendarez.
    Robert Armstrong.
    Desi Arnaz.
    James Arness.
    Luke Askew.
    Leon Askin.
    John Astin.
    Sean Astin.
    Lord Richard Attenborough.
    Rene Auberjonis.
    Lew Ayers.

    Lauren Bacall.
    Irving Bacon.
    Jim Bacus.
    Max Baer.
    G.W. Bailey.
    Joe Don Baker.
    Stanley Baker.
    Adam Baldwin.
    Carl Ballentine.
    MArtin Balsam.
    Eric Bana.
    Ian Bannen.
    John Banner.
    Lex Barker.
    Robert Barrat.
    Don "Red" Barry.
    Gene Barry.
    John Barrymore.
    John Drew Barrymore.
    Richard Basehart.
    Werner Baxter.
    Adam beach.
    Ned Beatty.
    Robert Beatty.
    Hugh Beaument.
    Michael Beck.
    Alfonso Bedoya.
    Noah Beery Jr.
    Wallace Beery.
    Ralph Bellamy.
    Jean Paul Belmonde.
    Jim Belushi.
    William Bendix.
    Richard Benjamin.
    Bruce Bennett.
    Wes Bentley.
    Tom Beringer.
    Senta Berger.
    Ingrid Bergman.
    Steven Berkoff.
    Corbin Bernsen.
    James Best.
    Lyle Bettger.
    Charles Bickford.
    Michael Biehn.
    Theodor Bikel.
    Joey Bishop.
    Whit Bissell.
    Jacqulyn Bisset.
    Bill Bixby.
    Bobby Blake.
    Jon Blake.
    Hans-Christian Blech.
    Dirk Bogarde.
    Humphrey Bogart.
    Folker Bohnet.
    Ward Bond.
    Sorrell Booke.
    Richard Boone.
    James Booth.
    Powers Booth.
    Ernest Borgnine.
    Barry Bostwick.
    Sam Bottoms.
    Timothy Bottoms.
    Stephen Boyd.
    Charles Boyer.
    Peter Boyle.
    Eddie Bracken.
    Scott Brady.
    Kenneth Branaugh.
    Neville Brand.
    Karl-Maria Brandauer.
    Marlon Brando.
    Ben Bratt.
    Walter Brennan.
    Beau Bridges.
    Jeff Bridges.
    Lloyd Bridges.
    Matthew Broderick.
    James Brolin.
    Cjharles (Buchinski) Bronson.
    Foster Brooks.
    Mel Brooks.
    Jim Brown.
    Johnny "Mack" Brown.
    Peter Brown.
    Reb Brown.
    Nigel Bruce.
    Yul Brynner.
    Edgar Buchanen.
    Horst Buchholz.
    Noel Buckner.
    Victor Buono.
    Raymond Burr.
    LeVar Burton.
    Richard Burton.
    Gary busey.
    Gerard Butler.
    Red Buttons.
    Pat Buttram.


    James Caan.
    Bruce Cabot.
    James Francis Cagney.
    Howard Caine.
    Michael Caine.
    Louis Calhern.
    Rory Calhoun.
    Henry Calvin.
    Rod Cameron.
    Bruce Campbell.
    Glenn Campbell.
    William Campbell.
    Wally Campo.
    Rafael Campos.
    John Candy.
    Yakima canutt.
    Harry Carey Jr.
    Harry Carey Sr.
    MacDonald Carey.
    Philip Carey.
    Timothy Carey.
    Leo Carillo.
    Ian Carmichael.
    John Carroll.
    Leo G. Carroll.
    David. Carradine.
    Keith Carradine.
    John Carradine.
    Robert carradine.
    Johnny Cash.
    Ted Cassidy.
    Jean-Pierre Cassell.
    John Cassevettes.
    Peggy Castle.
    George Chikiris.
    Richaerd Chamberlain.
    Jeff Chandler.
    Lon Chaney Jr.
    Don Cheadle.
    Mikolai Cherkassov.
    Andrzej Chyra.
    Nikolai Ckhlopkov.
    Dane Clark.
    Fred Clark.
    Lee Van Cleef.
    John Cleese.
    John Clemens.
    Montgomery Clift.
    Lee J. Cobb.
    Randall "Tex" Cobb.
    Charles Coburn.
    James Coburn.
    Iron Eyes Cody.
    Claudett Colbert.
    Nat King Cole.
    Dabney Coleman.
    Ronald Coleman.
    John Colicos.
    Chester Conklin.
    Jenniffer Connelly.
    Sir Sean Connery.
    Chuck Connors.
    Touch (Mike) Connors.
    Robert Conrad.
    William Conrad.
    Hans Conreid.
    Richard Conte.
    Kevin Conway.
    Tim Conway.
    Elisha Cook Jr.
    Ben Cooper.
    Gary (Frank James) Cooper.
    Jackie Cooper.
    Melville Cooper.
    Glenn Corbett.
    Ted de Corsia.
    Lou Costello.
    Joseph Cotton.
    George Courlouris.
    Tom Courteney.
    Jerome Courtland.
    Ron Cox.
    Larry (Buster) Crabbe.
    Daniel Craig.
    Richard Crenna.
    Donald Crisp.
    Broderick Crawford.
    Joan Crawford.
    John Crawford.
    Johnny Crawford.
    James Cromwell.
    Hume Cronyn.
    Russell Crowe.
    Tom Cruise.
    Robert Culp.
    Robert Cummings.
    Tim Curry.
    Ken Curtis.
    Tony Curtis.
    Peter Cushing.


    Dan Dailey.
    Jim Dale.
    Timothy Dalton.
    Jean-Claude van Damme.
    Vic Damone.
    Jeff Daniels.
    Royal Dano.
    Denise Darcel.
    Bobby Darin.
    James Darren.
    Thayer David.
    Bette Davis.
    Jim Davis.
    Yvonne De Carlo.
    Don DeFore.
    John Dehner.
    Albert Dekker.
    Dom DeLouise.
    William Demarest.
    Brian Dennehy.
    Richard Denning.
    John Derek.
    Bruce Dern.
    Andy Devine.
    Danny Devito.
    Colleen Dewhurst.
    Brad Dexter.
    Bobby DiCicco.
    Angie Dickenson.
    Neil Diskcon.
    John Dierkes.
    Marleen Dietrich.
    Anton Differing.
    Ivan Dixon.
    Faith Domergue.
    Troy Donahue.
    James Donald.
    Bruian Donlevy.
    Robert Donner.
    James Doohan.
    Philip Dorn.
    John Doucette.
    Kirk Douglas.
    Charles Drake.
    Bobby Driscoll.
    Joanne Dru.
    James Drury.
    Michael Dudikoff.
    Peter Duel.
    Howard Duff.
    Andrew Duggan.
    Douglas Dumbrille.
    Chaerles Durning.
    Dan Duryea.
    Robert Duvall.


    Clint Eastwood.
    Buddy Ebsen.
    Vince Edwards.
    Richard Egan.
    Jack Elam.
    Dana Elcar.
    Denholm Elliott.
    Sam Elliott.
    Ron Ely.
    Richard Erdmann.
    Leif Erikson.
    R. Lee Ermey.
    Dale Evans.
    Gene Evans.
    Peter Van Eyck.


    Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
    Peter Falk.
    Richard Farnsworth.
    Sergio Fantoni.
    Colin Farrell.
    Nicholas Farrell.
    Farrah Fawcett-Majors.
    Marty Feldman.
    Norman Fell.
    Joes Ferrer.
    Mel Ferrer.
    Joseph Finennes.
    Peter Finch.
    Carrie Fisher.
    Paul Fix.
    Rhonda Fleming.
    Jay C. Flippen.
    Errol Flynn.
    Joe Flynn.
    Sean Flynn.
    Henry Fonda.
    Glenn Ford.
    Harrison Ford.
    Dick Foran.
    Steve Forrest.
    Robert Forster.
    John Forsythe.
    William Forsythe.
    Preston Foster.
    Douglas Fowley.
    Bernard FOx.
    Edward Fox.
    Robert Francis.
    James Franciscus.
    James Franco.
    Dennis Franz.
    John Fraser.
    Ronald Fraser.
    William Frawley.
    Bert Freed.
    Piere Fresnay.
    Gert Frobe.
    Robert Fuller.


    Jean Gabin.
    Clark Gable.
    Bruno Ganz.
    Ava Gardner.
    Reginald Gardner.
    John Garfield.
    John Garfield Jr.
    James Garner.
    James Gavin.
    Ben Gazzara.
    Will Geer.
    Leo Genn.
    Christopher George.
    Chief Dan George.
    Althea Gibson.
    Hoot Gibson.
    Mel Gibson.
    Sir John Gielgud.
    Lilian Gish.
    Jackie Gleason.
    James Gleason.
    Scott Glenn.
    Gale. Gordon.
    Leo Gordon.
    Ruth Gordon.
    Frank Gorshin.
    Louis Gossett Jr.
    Walter Gotell.
    Stewart Granger.
    Cary Grant.
    Charley Grapwin.
    Peter Graves.
    Nigel Green.
    Lorne Green.
    Richard Greene.
    Sidney Greenstreet.
    James Gregory.
    Virginia Grey.
    Andy Griffith.
    Gary Grimes.
    Charles Grodin.
    Richard Groene.
    Harry Guardino.
    Sir Alec Guiness.
    Moses Gunn.
    Edmund Gwenn.


    Gene Hacknam.
    Kevin Hagen.
    Larry Hagman.
    Alan Hale Jr.
    Alan Hale Sr.
    James Hall.
    Parker Hall.
    Mark Hamill.
    George hamilton.
    Ty Hardin.
    Sir Cedric Hardwicke.
    Oliver Hardy.
    Dorian Harewood.
    Jean Harlow.
    Mark Harmon.
    Ed Harris.
    Sir Richard Harris.
    Rex Harrison.
    William Hartnell.
    Josh Hartnet.
    O.E. Hasse.
    Lawrence Harvey.
    Raymond Hatton.
    Cole Hauser.
    Wings Hauser.
    Olivia de Havilland.
    Jack Hawkins.
    Sessue Hayakawa.
    George "Gabby" Hayes.
    Louis Hayward.
    Sterling Hayward.
    Susan Hayward.
    Rita Hayworth.
    (Al) David Hedison.
    Van Heflin.
    Martin Henderson.
    Mike Henry.
    Audrey Hepburn.
    Katherine Hepburn.
    Percy Herbert.
    Charlton Heston.
    Arthur Hill.Veronica Hill.John Hillerman.
    Pat Hingle.
    John Hodiak.
    Pauil Hogan.
    William Holden.
    Earl Holliman.
    Jack Holt.
    Tim Holt.
    Skip Homeier.
    Bob Ho-ho-ho-Hiope.
    Sir Anthony Hopkins.
    Dennis Hopper.
    Bob Hoskins.
    Tim Hovey.
    Curly Howard.
    Leslie Howard.
    Moe Howard.
    Ron Howard.
    Ronald Howard.
    Shemp Howard.
    Trevor Howard.
    John Hoyt.
    Kate Hudson.
    Rock Hudson.
    Arthur Hunnicutt.
    Jeffrey hunter.
    Tab Hunter.
    John Hurt.
    William Hurt.
    John Huston.
    Walter Huston.
    (Dana) Jim Hutton.
    Timothy Hutton.
    Wilfrid Hyde-White.
    Ricard Hylton.


    Barrie Ingram.
    Rex Imgram.
    John Ireland.
    Burl Ives.
    Teresa Izewska.


    Derek Jacobi.
    Gordon Jackson.
    Richard Jaeckel.
    Sam Jaffe.
    Dean Jagger.
    Steve James.
    Tadeuse Janc'zer.
    David Janssen.
    Claude Jarmin Jr.
    Rick Jason.
    Lionel Jeffries.
    Roy Jenson.
    Ben Johnson.
    Russell. Johnson.
    Van Johnson.
    Carolyn Jones.
    Dean Jomes.
    Freddie Jones.
    James Earl Jones.
    Jeffrey Jones.
    L.Q. Jones.
    Sam J. Jones.
    Tommy Lee Jones.
    Richard Jordan.
    Victor Jory.
    Curt (Curd) Jurgens.


    Boris Karloff.
    Kurt Kazner.
    James Keach.
    Stacy Keach.
    Buster Keaton.
    Howard Keel.
    Brian Keith.
    David Keith.
    Harbey Keitel.
    DeForrest Kelley.
    Don Kelly.
    Gene Kelly.
    Jack Kelly.
    Jeremy Kemp.
    Arthur Kennedy.
    Edgar Kennedy.
    George Kennedy.
    Sandy Kenyon.
    Deborah Kerr.
    Persis Khambata.
    Guy Kibbee.
    Richard Kiel.
    Richard Kiley.
    Val Kilmer.
    Til Kiwi.
    Werner Klemperer.
    Don Knotts.
    Patrick Knowles.
    Alexander Knox.
    Terrence Knox.
    Walter Konig.
    Harvey Korman.
    Thomas Kretschmann.
    Kurt Krueger.
    Hardy Kruger.


    Alan Ladd.
    BErt Lahr.
    Veronica Lake.
    Burt Lancaster.
    Jessica lange.
    John Larch.
    John Larroquette.
    Charles laughton.
    Stan Laurel.
    Ed Lauter.
    John Phillip.
    Jude Law.
    Peter LAwford.
    Wilfrid Lawson.
    George Lazenby.
    Matt LeBlanc.
    Heath Ledger.
    Bernard Lee.
    Christopher Lee.
    Janet Leigh.
    Vivian Leigh.
    Desmond Llwellyn.
    Christophe lloyd.
    Paul LeMat.
    Harvery Lembeck.
    Jack Lemmon.
    Daniel Day Lewis.
    Geoffrey Lewis.
    Jerry Lewis.
    Ronald Lewis.
    John Litel.
    John Lithgow.
    Cleavon little.
    Gene Lockhart.
    Gary Lockwood.
    Helmut Lohner.
    Gina Lollobrigida.
    Herbert Lom.
    Jack Lord.
    Sophia Loren.
    Peter Lorre.
    Montague Love.
    Frank Lovejoy.
    Klaus Lowitsch.
    Richard Lynch.
    Paul Lynde.
    Ben Lyon.
    John Lund.
    William Lundigan.


    James MacArthur.
    Barton MacLane.
    Shirley MacLane.
    Fred Macmurray.
    Patrick MacNee.
    George Macready.
    Guy Madison.
    Patrick Magee.
    George Maharris.
    Jock Mahoney.
    Marjorie Main.
    Lee Majors.
    Karl Malden.
    Dorothy Malone.
    Frederick March.
    Ann Margaret.
    Hugh Marlowe.
    E.G. Marshall.
    Tully Marshall.
    Dean martin.
    Dewey Martin.
    Ross Martin.
    Strother Martin.
    Lee Marvin.
    James Mason.
    Raymond massey.
    Mary Stuart Masterson.
    Walter matthau.
    Kerwin Matthews.
    Victor Mature.
    Bill Mauldin.
    Lois MAxwell.
    Virginia Mayo.
    Mike Mazurki.
    David McCallum.
    Doug McClure.
    Matthew McConaughey.
    Myron McCormick.
    Tim McCoy.
    Joel McCrea.
    Dylan McDermott.
    Roddy McDowell.
    Darren McGavin.
    Patrick McGoohan.
    Frank Mcgrath.
    Charles McGraw.
    Ewen McGregor.
    Sean McGuire.
    Frank McHugh.
    John McIntire.
    Ian McKellen.
    Bill McKinney.
    Victor McLaglen.
    Gavin McLeod.
    Stephen McNally.
    Steve McQueen.
    Ian McShane.
    Donald Meek.
    Ralph Meeker.
    Adolphe Menjou.
    Louis Mercer.
    Burgess Meredith.
    Gary Merrill.
    Johannes (Hannes) Meissner.
    Delored Michaels.
    Toshiro Mifune.
    Ray Milland.
    Martin Milner.
    Vera Miles.
    Sir John Mills.
    Sal Mineo.
    Cameron. Mitchell.
    Millard Mitchell.
    Thomas Mitchell.
    Christopher Mitchum.
    John Mitchum.
    Robert Mitchum.
    Matthew Modine.
    Kenneth More.
    Bob Monkhouse.
    Ricardo montalban.
    George Montgomery.
    Robert Montgomery.
    Clayton Moore.
    Sir Roger Moore.
    Agnes Moorehead.
    Robert Marley.
    Dennis Morgan.
    Henry (Harry) Morgan.
    Michele morgan.
    Wayne Morris.
    Vic Morrow.
    Edward Mulhare.
    Paul Muni.
    George Murphy.


    J. Caroll Naish.
    Henry Nakamura.
    Joe Nameth.
    Alan Napier.
    Charles Napier.
    Patricia Neal.
    Laim Neesen.
    Sam Neil.
    Leslie Neilsen.
    Paul Newman.
    Julie Newmar.
    Robert Newton.
    Nichelle Nichols,.
    Alex Nicol.
    Leonard Nimoy.
    Kazunari Niromiya.
    David Niven.
    Lloyd Nolan.
    Chuik Norris.


    Jack Okie.
    Simon Oakland.
    Warren oates.
    Edmund O/Brien.
    George O'Brien.
    Hugh O'Brien.
    Pat O'Brien.
    Arthur O'Connell.
    Carroll O'Connor.
    Donald O'Connor.
    Soon Tek Oh.
    Maureen O'Hara.
    Dan O'Herlihy.
    Dennis O'Keefe.
    Gerald.S. O'Laughlin.
    Sir Lawrence Olivier.
    Merlin Olsen.
    Patrick o'Neil.
    Ryan O'Neil.
    Maja Ostaszewska.
    Maureen O'Sullivan.
    Peter O'Toole.
    Frank Overton.


    Geraldine Page.
    Walter (Jack) Palance.
    Gregg Palmer.
    Irene Papas.
    Elenor Parker.
    Fess Parker.
    Michael Pare.
    Bill Paxton.
    John Payne.
    Guy Pierce.
    Eldred Gregory Peck.
    Jack Pennick.
    George Peppard.
    Barry Pepper.
    Anthony Perkins.
    Ron Perleman.
    Nehemiah Persoff.
    Werner Peters.
    Joachim Phoenix.
    Peter Phleps.
    Slim Pickens Walter Pidgeon.
    Edward Platt.
    Donald Pleasance.
    Christopher Plummer.
    Sidney Poitier.
    Michael J. Pollard.
    Eric Portman.
    Tom Poston.
    Dick powell.
    William Powell.
    Tyrone Powers.
    Wolfgang Priess.
    Otto Preminger.
    Elvis Presley.
    Robert Preston.
    Vincent Price.
    Andrew Prine.
    Jurgen Prochnow.
    Lisilotte (Lilo) Pulver.
    Denver Pyle.


    Dennis Quaid.
    Randy Quaid.
    Anthony Quayle.
    John Quaylen.
    Anthony Quinn.


    Claude Raines.
    Vera Ralston.
    Basil Rathbone.
    John Ratzenberger.
    Siegfried Rauch.
    Aldo Ray.
    Gary Raymond.
    Ronald Wilson Reagan.
    Robert Redford.
    Michael Redgrave.
    Vanessa Redgrave.
    Alan Reed.
    Oliver Reed.
    George Reeves.
    Steve Reeves.
    Carl-Benton Reid.
    Tim Reid.
    Michael Rennie.
    Jean Reno.
    Sir Ralph Richardson.
    Don Rickles.
    John Ritter.
    Tex Ritter.
    Jorge Rivero.
    Jason Robards Jr.
    Pernell Roberts.
    Cliff Robertson.
    Dale Robertson.
    Flora Robsen.
    Roy Rogers.
    Wayne Rogers.
    Gilbert Roland.
    Cesar Romero.
    Mickey Rooney.
    Sig Ruman.
    John Russell.
    Kurt Russell.
    Mitchell Ryan.
    Robert Ryan.


    Mort Sahl.
    Albert Salmi.
    George Sanders.
    Reni Santoni.
    Telly Savalas.
    John Saxon.
    Gia Scalia.
    Matalee Schafer.
    Maria Schell.
    Maximilian Schell.
    Roy Scheider.
    Paul Scofield.
    Avery Schrieber.
    Armold Schwarzenegger.
    Georgee C. Scott.
    Gordon Scott.
    Randolph Scott.
    Steven Segal.
    George Segal.
    Tom Selleck.
    Peter Sellers.
    Omar Sharif.
    Willaim Shatner.
    Mickey Shaughnessy.
    Robert Shaw.
    Martin Sheen.
    Michael Sheen.
    Sam Sills.
    Howard de Silva.
    Jay Silverheels.
    Phil Silvers.
    jean Simmons.
    Robert Simon.
    Frank Sinatra.
    Emil Sitka.
    Tom Sizemore.
    Red Skelton.
    Jeremy Slate.
    Walter Slezak.
    Charles Martin Smith.
    Dean Smith.
    Lane Smith.
    William Smith.
    Jack Soo.
    David Soul.
    G.D. Spradlin.
    Raymond St. Jacques.
    Robert Stack.
    Sylvester Stallone.
    Lionel Stander.
    Harry Dean Stanton.
    Barbara Stanwyck.
    Bob Steele.
    Rod Steiger.
    Craig Stevens.
    Mark Stevens.
    Warren Stevens.
    James Stewart.
    Nigel Stock.
    Dean Stockwell.
    Guy Stockwell.
    Eric Stolz.
    Milburn Stone.
    Madeleine Stowe.
    Robert Strauss.
    Woody Strode.
    Erich von Strohheim.
    Wes Studi.
    Barry Sullivan.
    Slim Summerville.
    Donald Sutherland.
    Frank Sutton.
    Patrick Swayzee.
    Karl Swenson.
    Max von Sydow.


    George takai.
    Russ Tamblyn.
    Akim Tamiroff.
    Jessica Tandy.
    Vic Tayback.
    Don Taylor.
    Dub (Cannonball) Taylor.
    Jean Taylor.
    Robert taylor.
    Rod Taylor.
    Shirley Temple.
    Torin Thatcher.
    Richard Thomas.
    Marshall Thompson.
    Chief Thundercould.
    Kenneth Tobey.
    George Tobias.
    Richard Todd.
    Franchot TYone.
    Chaim Topol.
    Rip Torn.
    Spencer Tracy.
    Henry Travers.
    Les Tremayne.
    Clair Trevor.
    Tom Tryon.
    Forrest Tucker.
    Lana Turner.
    Tom Tyler.


    Mary Dean Ure.
    Peter Ustinov.


    Courteney B. Vance.
    Robert Vaughn.
    John Vernon.
    Conrad Viedt.
    Jon Voigt.


    Robert Wagner.
    Ralph Waite.
    Andrzej Wajda.
    Christopher Walken.
    Clint Walker.
    Robert Walker.
    Robert Walker jr.
    Eli Wallach.
    Fred Ward.
    Jack Warden.
    Ken Watanabe.
    Jack Watson.
    Ethan Wayne.
    John Wayne.
    Marissa Wayne.
    Patrick Wayne.
    Dennis Weaver.
    Clifton Webb.
    Jack Webb.
    Richard Webb.
    Robert Webber.
    Bert Wheeler.
    Johnny Weissmuller.
    Raquel Welch.
    Orson Welles.
    David Werner.
    Oskar Werner.
    Adam West.
    Jesse White.
    Wilfrid Hyde-White.
    Stuart Whitman.
    James Whitmore Sr.
    Richard Widmark.
    Cornel Wilde.
    Guy Williams.
    Gwinn "Big Boy" Williams.
    Bruce Willis.
    Chill Wills.
    Owen Wilson.
    William Windom.
    Paul Winfield.
    Jonathon Winters.
    Shelley Winters.
    Louiis Wohlheim.
    Edward Woodward.
    Morgan Woodward.
    Hank Worden.
    Fay Wray.
    Patrice Wymark.
    Patrick Wymark.
    Keenan Wynn.

    No "X"


    Dick York.
    Michael York.
    Burt Young.
    Gig Young.
    Robert Young.


    Billy Zane.
    Anthony Zerbe.

    Completed for now.
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    War Movies: This will include indo if on DvD or not?

    Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello & Walter Slezak. DvD.
    Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd: A&C & Charles Laughton. DvD.
    Across the Pacific: Humphrey (Bogie) Bogart & Sidney Greenstreet. DvD.
    Action in the North Alantic: Bogie, Raymond Massey & Alan hale Sr. DvD.
    Advance to the Rear: Glenn Ford & Jim Bacus.
    Adventures of Don Juan: Erroll Flynn and Alan Hale Sr. DvD.
    The Adventures of Marco Polo: Gary Cooper, Alan Hale Sr & Basil Rathbone. DvD.
    The Adventures of Robin Hood: Erroll Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone & Alan Hale Sr. DvD.
    The African Queen: Bogie, Theodor Bikel and Katherine Hepburn. DvD.
    Against All Flags: Erroll Flynn, Maureen O'Hara & Anthony Quinn. DvD.
    A Hill in Korea (Hell in Korea) Stanley Baker, Stephen Boyd, Michael Caine and Harry Andrews.
    Air Force: John Garfield, Harry Carey sr, Arthur Kennedy, Charles Drake and George Tobias. DvD.
    Air Raid Wardens: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy & (Horace) Stephen McNally. DvD.
    Alexander Nevsky: Nikolia Cherkassov, Nikolai Ckhlopkov. DvD.
    The Alamo: John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Patrick Wayne, Lawrence Harvey, Richard Boone, Chill Wills, Jack Pennick, Ken Curtis and Lyle Bettger. DvD.
    Alexander the Great: Richard Burton, Frederick March, Stanley Baker & Harry Andrews. DvD.
    Allegheny Uprising: John Wayne, Chill Wills, Claire Trevor, Robert Barrat & George Sanders. DvD.
    All Quiet on the Western Front: Lew Ayers, Louis Wohlheim & Slim Summerville. DvD.
    All Quiet on the Western Front: Richard Thomas, Ernest Borgnine and Patricia Neal. DvD.
    All the Young Men: Alan Ladd, Sidney Poitier, Glenn Corbett & Mort Sahl.
    Alverez Kelly: William Holden, Richard Widmark & Patrick O'Neil. DvD.
    Andersonville: Most of cast is unkn to me except for Oleg Krupka. DvD.
    Andersonville Trial: Richard Basehart. DvD.
    The Angry Hills: Robert Mitchum, Stanley Baker & Theodor Bikel.
    Anzacs: The War Down Under: Paul Hogan. DvD.
    Anzio: Robert Mitchum, Arthur Kennedy, Earl Holliman, Reni Santoni, Peter Falk & Robert Ryan. DvD.
    The Atomic Submarine: Dick Foran & Bob Steele. DvD.
    At Swords Point: Cornel Wilde, Maureen O'Hara, Daniel O'Herligy and Alan Hale Sr.
    Attack: Lee Marvin, Buddy Ebsen, Walter (Jack) Palance & Eddie Albert. DvD.
    At War With the Army: Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. DvD.
    Attilla: Anthony Quinn, Irene Papas & Sophia Loren. DvD.
    Away All Boats: Jeff Chandler, Lex Barker, Richard Boone, David Janssen & Clint Eastwood.
    Back To Bataan: John Wayne, Anthony Quinn, Paul Fix & Philip Ahn. DvD.
    Bamboo Prison: Brian Keith & Robert Francis.
    Bataan: Robert Taylor, Thomas Mitchell, George Murphy, Desi Arnaz, Lloyd Nolan & Robert Walker Sr. DvD.
    Battle Beyond the Stars: Richard Thomas, Robert Vaughn, George Peppard, John Saxon & Morgan Woodward. DvD.
    Battleground: Van Johnson, James Whitmore Sr. Don Taylor, Marshall Thompson, Jerome Courtland, Denise Darcel, Richard Jaeckel, Ricardo Montalban & John Hodiak. DvD.
    Battle of Britain: Michael Caine, Curt Jurgens, Harry Andrews, Trevor Howard & Christopher Plummer. DvD.
    Battle of the Bulge: Henry Fonda, Telly Savalas, Charles Bronson, Karl-Otto Alberty, Robert Ryan, Robert Shaw, George Montgomery, Ty Hardin, & Werner Peters. DvD.
    Battle of Neretva: Yul Brynner, Hardy Kruger, Orson Welles & Curt Jurgens.
    Battle Taxi: Sterling Hayden & Marshall Thompson.
    Beau Geste: Gary Cooper, Robert Preston, Brian Donlevy and J. Carroll Naish. DvD.
    Beau Geste: Telly Savalas. Doug McClure. Guy Stockwell & Leslie Neilsen.
    Bedknobs and Broomsticks: Angela LAndsbury, Roddy McDowell & Sam Jaffe. DvD.
    Behind Enemy Lines: Gene Hackman, Owen Wilson, David KEith and Oleg krupka. DvD.
    A Bell For Adano: Jonh Hodiak, William Bendix, Richard Conte & Henry (Harry) Morgan. DvD.
    Bengal Brigade: Rock Hudson, Torin Thatcher & Dan O'Herlihy. DvD.
    Ben Hur: Charlton HEston, Jack Hawkins, Stephen Boyd, & Sam Jaffe. DvD.
    The Best Of Enemies: David Niven & HArry Andrews.
    Betrayed: Clark Gable, Victor MAture, Louis Clahern, O.E.Hasse & Ian Carmichael.
    Beyond Glory: Alan LAdd, George MAcready, George Courlouris & Audie Leon Murphy.
    Biggles: Adventures In Time: Neil Dickson, Alex Hyde-White & Peter Cushing. DvD.
    The Big Red One: Lee MArvin, Mark Hamill, Siegfried Rauch, Bobby DiCicco, & Robert Carradine. DvD.
    Biloxi Blues: Matthew Broderick, Christopher Walken. DvD.
    The Black Arrow: Louis HAyward, Grorge Macready & Edgar Buchanen.
    Blackbeard the Pirate: Robert Newton, William Bendix, Richard Egan & Keith Andes. DvD.
    Black Hawk Down: Ewen McGregor, Josh HArtnett, Tom Sizemore and Eric Bana. DvD.
    The Black Swan: Tyrone Power, Maureen O'Hara, Thomas Mitchell, Anthony Quinn & George Sanders. DvD.
    Block-Heads: Stan Laurel and Oliver HArdy. DvD.
    Blood On the Arrow: Dale Robertson, Ted de Corsia and Elish Cook Jr.
    The Blue Max: George Peppard, James MAson & Jeremy Kemp. DvD.
    Bonnie Scotland: Stan LAurel and Oliver HArdy. DvD.
    Brass Target: John Cassevettes, George Kennedy, Max von Sydow, Robert Vaughn & Patrick McGoohan.
    Braveheart: Mel Gibson & Patrick McGoohan. DvD.
    Breakout: Richard Todd, Lord Richard Attemborough, & Bernard Lee.DvD.
    Breakthrough: John Agar.
    Breakthrough: Robert Mitchum, Curt (Curd) Jurgens, Rod Steiger & Kalus Lowitsch.
    The Bridge: (Die Brucke) Floker Bohnet & Fritz Wepper. DvD.
    The Bridge At Remagen: George Segal, E.G.MArshall, Bradford Dillman, Robert Vaughn, Hans-Chrstian Blech, Peter Van Eyck and Ben Gazzara. DvD.
    The Bridge On the River Kwai: William Holden, Jack Hawkins, Sir ALec Guiness, James Donald and Sessue Hayakawa. DvD.
    The Bridges At Toki-Ri: William Holden, Earl Holliman, Frederick March & Mickey Rooney. DvD.
    A Bridge Too Far: Michael Caine, Dirk Bogarde, James Caan, Arthur Hill, Sir Sean Connery, Edward Fox, James MAson, Robert Redford, Ryan O'Neil, Gene HAckman, Maximilian Schell & HArdy Krueger. DvD.
    The Buccaneer: Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, Lorne Greens, E.G.MArshall & Woody Strode. Directed by: Anthony Quinn.
    Buck Privates: Bud Abbott. Lou Costello & Shemp Howard. DvD.
    Bugles In the Afternoon: Ray Milland, Forrest Tucker & George Reeves.
    The Bugle Sounds: Wallace Beery.


    The Caine Mutiny: Van Johnson, Bogie, Mel Ferrer, Fred MAcMurray, E.G.MArshall, Lee MArvin & Claude Akins. DvD.
    The Canterville Ghost: Charles laughton, Robert Young & Mike Mazurki.
    Captain Blood: Erroll Flynn, Olivia de HAvilland, Basil Rathbone, Guy Kibbee, Robert BArrat & J. Carroll Naish. DvD.
    Captain Eddie: Fred MAcMurray, Thomas Mitchell & Lloyd Nolan.
    Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N: Eldred Gregory Peck, Robert Beatty, Christopher Lee & Stanley Baker. DvD.
    Captain Kidd: Charles Laughton, Randolph Scott, John Carradine & Gilbert Roland. DvD.
    Captains Of the Clouds: James Francis Cagney, Alan HAle Sr. & George Tobias. DvD.
    The Captive HEart: Michael Redgrave & Gordon Jackson. DvD.
    Carbine Williams: James Stewart & James Arness. DvD. Limited print.
    Carry On Sergeant: Willaim Hartnell & Bob Monkhouse. DvD.
    Caught In the Draft: Bob Hope & Eddie Bracken. DvD.
    A Challenge For Robin Hood: Barrie Ingraham.
    The Charge At Feather River: Guy Madison, Frank Lovejoy & Neville Brand.
    The Charge Of the Light Brigade; Erroll Flynn, Olivia de havilland, Donald Crisp, Patcrick knowles & Nigel Bruce. DvD.
    Chief Crazy Horse: Victor Mature, John Lund, David Janssen & Dennis Weaver.
    China Gate, Gene barry, Angie Dickenson, Nat King Cole & Lee Van cleef.
    Clash Of the Titans: Sir Lawrence Olivier & Burgess Meredith. DvD. A Ray Harryhausen Classic.
    Cockeyed Cavaliers: Bert Wheeler.
    The Cockelshell Heroes: Jose Ferrer, Trevor Howard & Christopher Lee.
    The Colditz Story: Sir John Mills, Eric Portman, Lionel Jeffries, Anton Differing and Theodor Bikel. DvD.
    The Colossus Of Rhodes; Rory Calhoun.
    Commandoes Strike At Dawn: Paul Muni, lilian Gish & Sir Cederick Hardwicke. DvD.
    Corvette K-225: Randolph Scott, Andy Devine.
    Counterpoint: Charlton Heston, Maximilian Schell, Anton Differing & Leslie Neilsen.
    The Count Of monte cristo: Sir Richard Harris & Guy Pierce. DvD. Better than the other makes IMO.
    The Courtmartial of Billy Mitchell: Gary Cooper, Ralph Bellamy, Rod Steiger & Peter Graves. DvD.
    The Crimson Pirate; Burt Lancaster, Torin Thatcher & Christopher Lee. DvD.
    Crossed Swords: Charlton Heston, Oliver Reed, Ernest Borgnine, George C. Scott & Rex Harrison. DvD.
    Cross Of Iron: James Coburn, James Mason, Maximilian Schell, Klaus Lowitsch, David Werner. DvD.
    Cross Of Lorraine: Gene Kelly, Sir Cedrick Hardwicke, Peter Lorre & Hume Cronyn.
    Custer of the West: Robert Shaw & Robert Ryan. DvD.


    The Dam Busters: Richard Todd & Sir Michael Redgrave. DvD.
    Damn the Defiant: Sir Alec Guiness, Dirk Bogarde, Nigel Stock & Anthony Quayle. DvD.
    Darby's Rangers: James garner, Jack Wardon, Stuart Whitman, Torin thatcher & Peter Brown. On limited DvD print.
    Dark Command: John Wayne, Claire Trevor, Walter Pidgeon, George (Gabby) Hayes, Roy Rogers and Marjorie Main. DvD.
    Das Boot (The Boat): Jurgen Prochnow. DvD.
    Davy Crockett and the Riverboat Pirates: Fess Parker, Buddy Ebsen, Kenneth (Ken) Tobey & hank Worden. DvD.
    Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier: Fess Parker, Buddy Ebsen & Kenneth Tobey. DvD.
    Davy Crockett, Indian Scout; George Montgomery & Chief Thundercloud.
    The Dawn Patrol; Errol Flynn, David Niven, Donald Crisp & Basil Rathbone. DvD.
    Days of Glory: Eldred Gregory Peck and Alan Reed (Voice of Fred Flintstone)
    The Day the Earth Stood Still: Micheal Rennie, Patricia Neal & Hugh Marlowe. DvD.
    Decision Before Dawn: Richard Basehart, Gary Merrill, Oskar Werner, O.E.Hasse, Wilfrid Seyffarth, Hans-Christian Blech & Hildegard Neff. DvD.
    The Deep Six: Alan Ladd, William Bendix, Keenen Wynn, James Whitmore Sr & Joey bishop.
    Defiance: Daniel Craig. DvD.
    The Delta Force: Chuck Norris, Lee Marvin, Martin Balsam, George Kennedy, Joey Bishop, Robert Vaughn & Robert Forster. DvD.
    Demetrius and the Gladiators; Victor MAture, Micheal Rennie, Richard Egan & Ernset Borgnine. DvD.
    Desert Attack:(Ice Cold In Alex: Sir John Mills, Harry Andrews & Anthony Quayle.
    The Desert Fox: James MAson, Richard Boone, Leo G. Carroll & George MAcready. DvD
    Desert PAtrol: Lord Richard Attemborough. DvD.
    The Desert Rats: Richard Burton, James MAson, Torin Thatcher & Robert NEwton. DvD.
    Desperate Journey: Errol Flynn, Alan Hale Sr. Ronald Reagan, Arthur Kennedy and Raymond MAssey. DvD (1st time)
    Destination Gobi: Richard Widmark, Martin Milner & Don TAylor. DvD.
    Destination Tokyo: Cary Grant, Alan Hale Sr, Dane Clark, John Garfield and, John Forsythe. DvD.
    Destroyer: Edward G. Robinson, Glenn Ford & Edgar Buchanen.
    Devil Dogs of the Air: James Cagney, Pat O/Brien & Frank McHugh.
    The Devils Brigade: William Holden, Carroll O'Connor, Claude Akins, Michale Rennie, Richard JAeckel & Richard Dawson. Cliff Robertson. DvD.
    The Devils Disciple: Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas & Harry Andrews.
    Devil Ship Pirartes: Christopher Lee. DvD.
    The D.I: Jack Webb. DvD.
    The Dirty Dozen: Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, George Kennedy, Ernest Borgnine, Clint Walker, John Cassevettes, Richard Jaeckel, Trini Lopes & Telly Savalas. DvD.
    Distant Drums: Gary Cooper & Richard Webb. DvD
    A Distant Trumpeet: Troy Donahue, Claude Akins and James Gregory. DvD.
    Dive Bomber: Errol Flynn, Fred MacMurray, Robert Armstrong & Craig Stevens. DvD.
    Doctor Zhivago: Omar Sharif, Sir Alec Guiness & Rod Steiger. DvD.
    Don't Go Nweat the Water: Glenn Ford, Earl Holliman & Keenan Wynn?
    Double Crossbones: Donald O'Connor, Will Ger and Rock Hudson. DvD.
    Doughboys: Buster Keaton. DvD.
    Downfall: Bruno Ganz & Thomas Kretschmann. DvD
    Dr. Strangelove: Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden, Slim Pickens & Keenan Wynn. DvD.
    Drumbeat: Alan LAdd, Charles Bronson, Werner Anderson, Elisha Cook Jr & Strother Matrin.
    Drums: Raymond Massey.
    Drums Along the Mohawk: Henry Fonda, Ward Bond, Robert Barrat, Claudett Colbert & John Carradine. DvD.
    Drums of the Deep South: Cast is unkn,. DvD
    Dunkirk: Sir John Mills, Lord Richard Attenborough, Bernamrd Lee & Lionel Jeffries.


    The Eagle and the Hawk: John Payne, Cary Grant, Frederick March, Rhonda Fleming, Jack Oakie & Dennis O'Keefe.
    The Eagle HAs LAnded: Michael Caine, Donald Sutherland, Robert Duvall, Donald Pleasance, Anthony Quayle & Larry Hagman. DvD.
    Earth vs the Flying Saucers: Hugh Marlowe, Jean Taylor and Morris Ankrum.DvD.
    Edge of Darkness: Errol Flynn, Walter Huston and Ruth Gordon. DvD (1st time)
    Eight Iron Men: Lee MArvin & Richard Kiley.
    El Cid: CHarlton heston, Sophia Loren, Herbert Lom & GAry Raymond. DvD.
    The Elusive Corporal" Jean-Pierre Cassell & O.E. Hasse. DvD,
    Enamy At the GAtes: Jude LAw, Ed harris, Bob Hoskins, Joseph Fiennes & Ron Perleman. DvD.

    The Enemy Below: Robert Mitchum, Curt (Curd) Jurgens, Doud McClure, Theodor Bikel, Kurt Krueger, David Hedison, DvD.
    Erik the Conquerer: Cameron Mitchell. DvD.
    Escaope From Fort Bravo: Williams: Hiolden, Demarest, Campbell & John Forsythe. DvD.
    The Exile: Douglas Fairbanks Sr & Nigel Brucce.

    I can only type in a few of these at a time so please bear with em,. each page alone will take 2-3 visits to complete.
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    coming along fine, carl..great names there....and some? totally unknown to me..
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    The Westerns:
  7. C.Evans

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    The Cold War, Spy & Espionage Movies:
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    Cheers Nigel, thank you for the links and in the first one-im missing some of the titles he lists but hes missing some of mine ;-)) As they say, "Mines Bigger" (by over 400 titles). ;-))

    I will give you 38 more rep points for these mate-soon as the site allows me to do so. ;-))
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    No problem - if you want more there are plenty out there - I could swamp you with them fairly quickly :)

    Sorry just noticed you want minimum posts - anyone can delete this one please feel free
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    Hi Nigel, I can use any not listed that are starting with "A", "B" and "C" that I have not listed yet. IF you can also please let me know if they are on DvD or not? as well as a few of the Actors names in them that you can remember.

    Thanks again and take care. I can also use any after "D" but have to wait till I get started on those.
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    "F" begins:
    Fail-Safe/ Henry Fonda Walter Matthua, Dan O'Herlihy, Sorrell Booke, Frank overton & Dom Deluise. DvD.
    The Fall of the Roman Empire/ Sir Alec Guiness, Stephan Boyd and John Ireland. DvD.
    The Far Horizons/ Charlton Heston, Fred MAcMurray and William Demerast. DvD.
    Father Goose/ Cary Grant, Trevor Howard. DvD.
    Fflokes/ Sir Roger Moore, James Mason, Anthony Perkins, David Hedison and Jack Watson. DvD.
    The Fiercest Heart/ Stuart Whitman and Raymond Massey. (Is about the Zulu War.)
    The 5ft Musketeer/ Beau and Lloyd Bridges, Cornel Wilde, Ian McShane, Alan hale Jr and Jose Ferrer. Dvd.
    55 Days At Peking/ Charlton heston, David Niven, Harry Andrews, John Ireland and Ava Gardner. DvD (Korean Release only)
    The Fighting Seabees/ John Wayne, Susna Hayward, Paul Fix, William Frawley & Dennis O'Keefe. DvD.
    The Fighting 69th/ James Francis Cagney, Pat O/Brien, Dennis Morgan, Alan Hale Sr, Frank McHugh and Gwinn "Big Boy" Williams. DvD
    The Final Countdown/ Kirk Douglas, Charles Durning, Martin Sheen and Soon-Tek-Oh., Dvd.
    Fireball Forward/ Eddie Albert.
    Fire Over England/ Sir Lawrence Olivier, Flora Robsen, Raymond MAssey and Robert Newton. DvD.
    First Blood/ Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna, Brian Dennehy and Bill McKinney. DvD.
    Five Branded Women/ Richard Basehart, Van Heflin, Vera Miles, Harry Guardino & Steve Forrest.
    Fixed Bayonets/ Richard Basehart, Gene Evans (as Sgt. Rock) Richard Hylton.
    Flags of Our Fathers/ Adam beach and Barry Pepper. DvD.
    The Flame and the Arrow/ Burt Lancaster and Virginia Mayo. DvD.
    Flame Over India/ Lauren bacall, Kenneth More, Herbert Lom & Wilfrid-Hyde-White.
    Flash Gordon/ Sam j. Jones, Chiam Topol, Melody Anderson, Max v. Sydow and Timothy Dalton. DvD
    The Flaming Frontier/ Bruce Bennett.
    Flyboys? Jean Reno, James Franco & Martin henderson. DvD.
    The Flying Deuces/ Stan laurel and Oliver Hardy. DvD,
    Flying LEathernecks/ John Wayne, Robert Ryan, Jay.C. Flippen, Don Taylor. DvD.
    Flying Tigers/ John Wayne and John Carroll. DvD.
    Forbidden planet/ Walter Pidgeon, Jack Kelly, Warren Stevens, Leslie Neilsen and Earl Hollimon. DvD.
    Force of Arms/ William Holden Frank lovejoy and Gene Evans.
    Fort Apache/ John Wayne, henry Fonda, Pedro Armendariez, Victor McLaglen, Ward Bond, John Agar, Jack Pennick and Shirley Temple. Dvd.
    Fort Ti/ George Montgomery.
    Fort Utah/ John Ireland, Virginia Mayo, Robert Strauss, Scott Brady, Don "red" Barry and, Jim Davis.
    For Whom the Bell tolls/ gary Cooper & Ingrid Berman. DvD.
    The Four Feathers/ Sir Ralph Richardson & JohnClements. DvD.
    The Four Feathers/ Heath Ledger, Kate Hudson, Wes bentley and Michael Sheen. DvD.
    The Four Musketeers/ Oliver Reed, Charlton Heston, Richard Chamberlain, Michael York, Christopher Lee. DvD,
    The Fourth War/ Roy Schieder, Jurgen Prochnow, Tim Reid, Harry Dean Stanton & Dale Dye. DvD.
    From hell To Victory/ Georges: Peppard, Hamilton, Horst Buchholz. DvD.
    From Here To Eternity/ Burt Lancaster, Frank Sinatra, Montgomery Clift, Claude Akins, Ernest Borgnine, Frank Sutton and George Reeves. DvD.
    The Frozen Dead/ Dana Andrews & Edward Fox.
    Full Metal Jacket/ MAtthew Modine, R. Lee Ermey, Dorian Harewood, Adam Baldwin.
    The Frogmen/ Richard Widmark, Gary Merrill, Robert Wagner, Dana Andrews, Jeffrey Hunter, Jack Warden. DvD.

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