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A Pictoral History of the SS: 1923-1945, A Book review

Discussion in 'ETO, MTO and the Eastern Front' started by belasar, Apr 24, 2012.

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    A Pictoral History of the SS: 1923-1945, By Andrew Mollo, Introduction by Hugh Trevor-Roper, 1997, Stein & Day, Oversized, 192 Pages, Index of Images, Amazon New: $ 99.64, Used: $ 1.60

    I have had this picture book in my collection for years and decided to take another look for this review. I cannot honestly say that this is a book you 'read' as it is true to its title and is chock full of photo's of the famous, infanous and the mearely obscure of Hitler's elite guard. The photo's are generally large, crisp and clear. Each photo is accompanied with a caption and a good effort was made to identify each person, the time and place where the image was captured.

    Arrainged chornologicly from 1923 to the end of the war it is possible to observe the steady change in size and look of the SS. You also can observe the evolution in the fortune of the Third Reich though the faces of the SS men as you work your way though the book. Confident arrorgence is replaced with grim determination and followed by exhausted acceptance that victory is only an illusion.

    This is not a complete or detailed treatment of the SS, no picture book can be, but it is quick and handy introduction into the subject. I have a few quibbles with the text in the introduction, but as this is book used to introduce SS to those who are unfamiliar, perhaps forgivable. Fast moving, it can be digested easily over a weekend so don't take it on a seven hour cruise with Mary Anne and the Professor. :)

    Not worth the 'new' price, but a bargain for the used price and a nice companion to a detailed account of the SS.



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