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Alderney Death Toll Doubled By New Research

Discussion in 'Concentration, Death Camps and Crimes Against Huma' started by GRW, Jun 14, 2019.

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    "Dramatic new evidence of Nazi war crimes on British soil has been uncovered by a leading forensic archaeologist who has discovered a cluster of unmarked mass burial sites in the Channel Islands.
    Professor Caroline Sturdy Colls has located a number of areas on Alderney where hundreds of missing slave and forced labourers are feared to have been buried during the German occupation of World War II.
    Her research, said to be first detailed scientific examination of Nazi atrocities on the island, has concluded that the number of deaths caused by Hitler's henchmen, including the SS, was 'far higher' than official records state.
    The official toll of forced and slave labourers who died on Alderney between 1940 and 1945 currently stands at 389 - a figure based on exhumations that took place in the 1960s at the request of the German War Graves Commission.
    But Prof Sturdy Colls, an expert on 'Conflict Archaeology and Genocide Investigation' at Staffordshire University who has spent nearly a decade investigating Nazi war crimes on Alderney, believes that a 'conservative' estimate of the number of people who perished on the island would be at least 700.
    The Holocaust expert describes her findings, which she made with the help of drones, ground penetrating radar and by examining hundreds of aerial photographs, as evidence of 'possibly the biggest murder case on British soil' in modern times.
    Much of her research has focused on what remains of the site of Sylt, a notorious concentration camp built in secrecy and run by the SS, and an area called Longy Common where victims of the Nazis were buried in marked graves."
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    You'd think that they thought that they were going to win the war and not have to answer to anyone about their nasty behavior.

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