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Baltic Anti-Aircraft Guns in Action

Discussion in 'German Heavy Weapons' started by Jim, Oct 3, 2006.

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    In this page we have glimpses of the German anti-aircraft defences on the Baltic coast; these very guns may have blazed at the R.A.F. planes when they made their reconnaissance flights over this area. All the guns are controlled by a detector (Below), which gives the direction, height and speed of the approaching planes. In the second from bottom photo, guns of the anti-aircraft defence are coming into action and the equal jets of smoke from each show that they are firing a salvo with precision

    Aircraft Detector


    These 3.7 anti-aircraft guns could fire up to an angle of 70ยบ and in this photograph taken when a German anti-aircraft gun on the Baltic was in action at night; we see it trained at its highest elevation against an enemy raider. In a few seconds more tracer bullets will be discharged into the dark sky. ​


    Tracer bullets made Blue lines against the sky, enabling other guns to be brought to bear. When many of these were in the sky the scene resembled a firework display.


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