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Can anyone help me identify this odd WWII era Cross of Lorraine badge?

Discussion in 'Medals, Insignia, Badges & Recalls' started by Curiouser, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. Curiouser

    Curiouser New Member

    Nov 23, 2018
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    I'm a new visitor to your splendid forum, and having trawled through the sticky post entitled "Insignias, badges, medals and clasps" with no luck, I thought I'd bring the following oddity to your attention.

    The badge pictured has the look of something post-victory, and is likely not specifically a military decoration, though definitely from the WWII era, given age and materials of the pin.

    Wondering if anyone has seen its like, as it's appeared in a box of bric-à-brac picked up in a charity shop in Devon. Is it commemorative, or relevant to a unit, any ideas?

    What little I know is that the Free French took the Cross of Lorraine as their symbol, but there I think the cross was red, or gules, is that correct? Definitely not BLUE. (...I certainly know that red was the colour used in the same cross pre-War for a union against tuberculosis, non-conflict related, obviously)


    This badge in contrast features a lozenge gules (red rhombus), surrounding an annulet argent (white ring), itself containing a lozenge argent with an azure Cross of Lorraine instead, within.

    I have never seen its like, nor can I trace its provenance. Would anyone familiar with this emblem be able to enlighten me?

    With grateful thanks alike to all the historians and enthusiasts on this tremendous forum!
  2. wolves69

    wolves69 recruit

    Sep 5, 2010
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    I’ve seen photos of this before, years ago and in Black and white. Definitely French Resistance. Perhaps, foreign support?

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