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Capt. Gilbert B Doolittle, 6th Infantry Division, C.O.-Comp. A, 98th CMB. May 28, 1915-Feb. 1, 1945

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    In Memoriam
    PFC LeMann E. Berg - General Hospital, Brisbane, Australia
    2nd Lt Wallace J. Carl - Seymour, Australia
    Pvt Bing F. Chin - Luzon
    Pvt William A. Condry - Luzon
    Cpl Lantz O. Cross - Luzon
    Capt Gilbert B. Doolittle - Luzon
    T/5 Francis E. Heil - Oro Bay, New Guinea
    S/Sgt Maurice Johnson - General Hospital, Melbourne, Australia
    PFC Richard J. Kumor - Luzon
    Sgt Max Monteith - Oro Bay, New Guinea
    PFC Frank J. Puchoras - Luzon
    2nd Lt Joseph P. Russell - Biak, New Guinea
    T/4 Winfred A. Tillotson - Luzon
    Sgt David Wetzel - Oro Bay, New Guinea


    In December, the airfields at Leyte and Mindoro were made reasonably operational and the stage was set for the push to Luzon.

    In the meantime, the Bastard Boys had found a home in the SIXTH Army and their presence was not only tolerated, but welcomed. The unit, now reborn as the 98th Chemical Mortar Battalion, left its comfortable camp at Wabron Baroe and was thus divided:

    Companies A and D staged at Sansapor with one half of the battalion headquarters component. Major Robert Preston and Captain Gilbert Doolittle were the staff officers attached. Company A, with Captain Frank Stubbs commanding, was attached to the U.S. Navy to man the 4.2 inch mortars which were mounted on the LCIs (M) for close-in beach bombardment.


    As Captain Stubbs had been hospitalized with wounds as a result of the "E" boat attack, Captain Gilbert Doolittle was ordered to command Company A. The two platoons loaned to the Navy were returned to duty and by S+3, Lieutenant Bell's provisional platoon had been returned to Company D.


    Captain Doolittle, CO of Company A, 98th CMB, was aware of the panicky situation developing and obtained permission to take command of Company G, 20th Infantry Regiment. He was able to maneuver the reserve platoon into position for covering fire and collected the available infantrymen to man a defensive perimeter. The 3rd platoon was ordered to cover the enemy positions with WP and the other platoons were ordered to go into position and do the same. The 1st and 2nd platoons had been mobile loaded in order to move forward with the anticipated infantry advance.

    Behind a smoke screen, Company G successfully evacuated its casualties and reorganized. Captain Doolittle was recommended for the Silver Star and his radio operator the Bronze Star.

    The three platoons fired 1,850 rounds of HE and WP on the enemy in this engagement.


    Capt Gilbert Burton Doolittle (1915 - 1945) - Find A Grave Memorial

    Valor awards for Gilbert B. Doolittle

    Sixth Infantry Division

    cpt.jpg Purple_Heart_Medal.png medals_silver_star_100x200.jpg APMedal.jpg ACM.png VictoryMedalww2.jpg

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