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Carrier Battles For Guadalacanal [iPAD]

Discussion in 'Other WarGames' started by bladerunner69, May 17, 2016.

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    May 17, 2016
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    A new historical and classic-looking wargame has been released on the app Store :cool:

    CARRIER BATTLES FOR GUADALCANAL is a 1-player historical wargame covering the naval-air battles in the South Pacific in 1942

    The game keeps the spirit of the classic wargames and makes use of the latest technology to offer more experience to the player. All taking less space and less time to play without reducing the fun !

    Play the US side against a powerful Japanese AI opponent
    Find the Japanese and strike at them before they sink your precious carriers and prevent them from invading key points in New Guinea and in the Solomon Islands

    Main features:

    - 5 historical scenarios from The Battle of the Coral Sea in May 42 to the Naval Battles of Guadalcanal in November 42.
    - Hex map with a scale of 30 miles per hex
    - 25 types of warplanes
    - Historical ships
    - Naval-air search, progressive intelligence gathering on enemy naval forces
    - Air strikes against naval and land targets
    - Surface battles
    - Advanced damage system
    - Invasion, naval bombardment
    - Radar
    - Turn-based system of 20 minutes each
    - Available in English and in French

    A lot of new features are planned:
    - 1943 scenarios
    - Campaign game from February 42 to January 44
    - 2-players game
    - US AI vs Japanese player

    The duration of a game is about 1-3 hours
    No internet connection required to play once installed

    Link to the game:

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