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Commando Kayak

Discussion in 'The Pacific and CBI' started by forenaft, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Jun 24, 2011
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    Author John Hoehn seems to know what he is writing about in his new book Commando Kayak. He takes you through the complete history of the most successful folboat used in WWII: the Australian built MKIII.
    It all started in the raging white-waters of Switzerland ca. 1924. When Walter Hohn emigrated to Australia, he took his two original folboats with him, intending to manufacture and sell them, but the Great depression intervented. That is, until the Pacific War started and the army knocked on his door.
    The result was over 1000 combat folboats being made for Australian 'Z' Special Force Units. The first two were rushed to Major Lyon's secret Camp-X, New South Wales training commandos for Operation Jaywick: The most successful of all raids on Japanese ships by planting limpet mines on their hulls. Others were deployed in raids like RIMAU, COPPER (Guns of Mushu) and PYTHON using anything from disguised asian fishing boats, Allied submarines and Catalinas to deploy and recover them.
    John reseached his work for 6 years before releasing the book. It has 87'500 words of the page-turning story plus 77 images including action shots and even copies of the original folboat detail drawings. It also has copies of formerly top-secret doucuments to do with those Pacific operations. More information can be found on www.hirschbooks.net

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