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D + 8

Discussion in 'Italy, Sicily & Greece' started by kerrd5, Jan 30, 2019.

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    30 January 1944:

    "Litter bearers staggered back across the polders, 'packing meat.' Exhausted
    soldiers chewed malt and dextrose tablets, their eyelids 'heavy as silver dollars,'
    the mortarman Hans Juegensen wrote. Audie Murphy, now a sergeant and recently
    returned to the 3rd Division after a bout of malaria, described 'jeeps drawing trailerloads
    of corpses ... Arms and legs bobble grotesquely over the sides of the vehicles.' A German
    shell knocked Murphy senseless; upon regaining consciousness, he found the soldier
    next to him dead. 'Living now becomes a matter of destiny, or pure luck,' he wrote.
    'The medics are bloody as butchers.'"

    "Anglo-American losses on January 30 approached 1,500, more than double the D-Day
    casualties at Salerno. German dead, wounded, and missing for the weekend exceeded 1,000."

    "Day of Battle" - Rick Atkinson, pages 394 and 395.

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