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Death March Across Germany

Discussion in 'Western Europe 1943 - 1945' started by JCFalkenbergIII, Apr 6, 2008.

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    The Arid Zone
    Similar movements have popped up in other threads, with allied forces intercepting slave laborers and concentration camp prisoners being marched around Germany in those chaotic last months of the war. I recall a couple in 30th Division threads; the 'girls of Kaunitz' and an entire train found on the approach to Magdeburg. War is hell.

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    Silesia Inferior
    Midday Situation Report, January 27, 1945, in Berlin
    Beginning: 4:20 p.m.

    GORING: There are 10,000 captured air force officers at Sagan [Zagan]; under the custody of the Commander of the Replacement Army. Guard and transport forces are not available. The idea has been suggested that we might turn the prisoners over to the Soviet Russian allies. They would get 10,000 pilots.
    THE FUHRER Why didn't they transport them away earlier? That's incredibly sloppy.
    GORING: It's the Commander of the Replacement Army
    [Himmler]. We have nothing to do with it. I can only report it.
    THE FUHRER: They must leave, even if they march on foot. The Volkssturm will be mobilized for that. Anyone who runs away will be shot. That must be done by all means.
    GORING: That's from Sagan. There are 10,000 men.
    GORING: How many cattle wagons are needed for 10,000 men?
    THE FUHRER: If we transport according to German rules, we need at least 20 transport trains for 10,000 men. If we transport according to Russian rules, we need three to five.
    GORING: Take off their trousers and shoes, so they can't walk in the snow.
    GORING: Obergruppenfuhrer Juttner is to transport the 10,000 prisoners from Sagan.
    THE FUHRER: They must be moved out with every possible means. The Volkssturm must be mobilized with the most energetic people. Escape attempts will be punished by shooting.
    FEGELEIN: We have a man for it, who guards the KZs
    [concentration camps]. It's Gruppenfiihrer Glucks. He must do it.
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