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Günther Angern

Discussion in 'Who Was Who Of Germany In WWII' started by Jim, Jun 15, 2008.

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    Born at Kolberg on 5 March 1893, he was an officer cadet in 1912, Promoted to Oberleutnant at the end of World War I, he served with various cavalry units between the two wars, rising to Oberst on 1 March 1938. Promoted to Generalmajor on 1 September 1941, he became a Generalleutnant on 21 January 1943. During the war, he commanded 3. Schtz.Brig. (10 November 1938) then 11. Schtz.Brig. (4 December 1939). Placed in the OKH reserve on 5 July 1941, he took over command of 11. Pz.Div. on 15 August 1941. He was again placed in the reserve (8 September 1941), becoming commanding officer of 16. Pz.Div. on 28 September 1942. He still held this command when he committed suicide in the Stalingrad Pocket on 2 February 1943. Awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross (5 August 1940) and the German Cross in Gold (8 March 1942).


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