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His last letter

Discussion in 'World War II Cemeteries' started by Jim, Aug 29, 2010.

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    Corporal Manfred Kolb, aged twenty, wrote home regularly. He did so on 11th June when his company moved to support the Front at Cherbourg. This was his last letter sent to his parents and sisters. Two days later, near Carentan he was mortally wounded by a bullet. He was buried in the cemetery at Bonneville with some of his comrades.

    On 23rd June his family was informed of his death and received some of his personal effects. In 1945, this soldier killed at the Front was transferred by the American War Graves Service to the Orglandes War Cemetery. Unfortunately his documents were misplaced; his parents did not know where he was buried. In 1962 the Volksbund succeeded in locating the grave at Orglandes Block 22, Row 8, Grave 291.

    "Western Front, 12/06/44

    My dears,

    As the mail leaves today, I wanted to write to you straightaway so that I can give my letter to the despatch-rider. Starting with the most important, I am well and hope to continue to be. For three days we have been fighting on a bridge-head of American Landings and hope to give these big brothers a sound thrashing and send them home.

    How are you all? Are there still as many (air-raid) alerts? I hope not. Did you get my last letter? How are our kind relatives at Haslach, Hall, and Stuttgart? Excuse my bad writing. I am in a trench only 60 cm wide that I dug with an American spade. On the other hand, I am sitting on something soft, silk and very good quality, a parachute and it is American too. I am finishing my letter slowly, trusting that I shall have the chance to write again in three days time before the next mail goes. I hope all this lot will be over soon, as I should like to be able to tell you lots of things in peace and quiet when I am home. My best wishes to you all and hope to see you soon.

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    Emotive reading.


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