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HOI3 Canada

Discussion in 'Hearts of Iron' started by FurballHero, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Canadians everywhere are starting to feel the gravitational pull. Germany has just annexed Poland. War drums are beating once again as Great Britain and France declare war on Germany. Prime Minister Mr. Mackenzie king has vowed to not let them fight alone. After a swift vote in the House of Commons it is clear: Canada stands firm in support of her allies.

    The inter war years have not been kind to the Canadian military. The war to end all wars has left us with a skeleton force made of mostly reservists. Our once great war industry sputters. Weapons, technology and military doctrine are all based on old WW1 British philosophy.

    Canada however is vast with an abundance of resources and young men eager to fight for her beloved country.

    Almost overnight, Mandatory service is re-instated, retired armament factories lurch back to life, Research is re-directed towards improving our industrial capacity while updating our infantry weapon systems and combat doctrine. Our leaders also see the potential of a strong air force and foresee the investment of close air support and multi role fighter technologies.

    Canada’s first two new infantry divisions are just ending the final stages of training when the invasion of France begins.

    German troops and tanks throw themselves at the entrenched French forces. The French take massive casualties and pull troops from the Maginot line in order to prevent a breakthrough. We were quick to respond and already have transport ships loaded with troops heading to the French front. It is a very meagre force of 2 divisions of light infantry and 1 wing of out dated fighter aircraft.

    As The 1’st Royal Canadian Air force arrives at the front far in advance of our troops they quickly set up combat air patrols. Casualties are extremely high as our grandfathered fighters struggle to keep pace with German ME109’s. Our factories and manpower take a substantial hit as we need to constantly re-supplying them with fresh pilots and aircraft.

    Our light infantry arrive none too soon and take up position along the weakest point in the French front. The 1’st Canadian Light Infantry div take up position just behind retreating French troops and dig in. The 2’nd Canadian light infantry div. fan out behind the 1’st to act as support. We are severely out numbered and out gunned. The plan is a fighting retreat using both divisions in a defensive leapfrog fashion delaying for as long as possible. This works for a short while but constant air attacks and enemy tanks shatter the front in many locations. French and Canadian troops are almost in full retreat. What looks to be 3 British infantry divisions arrive to assist but it’s too little too late. Our battered forces end up on the outskirts of Paris disorganised and disheartened, their commanders ask them to make a final stand in defence of the city. French, British and Canadian troops fight side by side but all is lost and France capitulates.

    Back home, Factories are being built all over the country. New Infantry divisions armed with shiny new weapons and the latest training prepare for the trip overseas. Fighter wings are created. The men are eager for battle and vengeance of our fallen comrades fuels the desire for blood. We secure a tank construction license from the United States and begin to produce our very own Armoured Fighting Core.

    A new front has opened with our British brothers fighting in Africa. Our armada of transport ships heavy laden with men and equipment set sail from Halifax to the African Continent.

    More to come…

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