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Holocaust Denial on Trial Project

Discussion in 'Concentration, Death Camps and Crimes Against Huma' started by KJ Jr, Jul 19, 2018.

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    I recently read an article penned by Deborah Lipstadt refuting Mark Zuckerberg's ridiculous comments that Holocaust deniers have simply gotten things "wrong" but not "intentionally" wrong. It's a good read and written well.

    (link below)

    Zuckerberg's comments give Holocaust deniers an opening (opinion) - CNN

    Embedded within the article was a link to the Holocaust Denial on Trial Project created by Lipstadt. Though I knew this project existed I never browsed the website. The website contains myriad documents used to debunk deniers as well as information and transcripts used at her libel trial in 2000. Great resources and a very interesting reading.

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