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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by RabidAlien, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Mar 2, 2011
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    I was reading a book on the Hurtgen forest campaign ("Hell in the Hurtgen Forest" by Rush) when I wrote this. I was trying to get the general feel of hopelessness, inevitability, despair that I got while reading, and realizing that there was not going to be any respite, no rest area, nothing to look forward to except more death and madness.


    Darkness crashes slowly down
    bringing blindness all around,
    smothering all in its reach,
    the haughty, soon respect shall teach.
    Angry stand the trees above,
    denied the peace they crave, they love.
    Red-hot screams, with bile yell
    as wooden shards seek to impale
    those, frightened, huddled far below
    who shiver for awaited blow
    in holes scratched from unyielding earth
    as voices scream their ragged dearth
    upon the heights, to crash and rend
    invaders in this sacred glen.
    Death advances in the murk,
    in fetid pools of darkness lurks,
    uncaring what the soul may wear
    it falls upon to rend and tear
    or reaches out from far away,
    impartial, heartless, spare or slay.
    Within their foxholes, quivering,
    they hopeless dread what dawn shall bring.
    The Order comes, it shan’t be long,
    their fates are sealed: oh, fear the dawn!

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