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Mussolini and Italy and Winter War

Discussion in 'Winter and Continuation Wars' started by Kai-Petri, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Takao

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    Apr 27, 2010
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    Reading, PA
    No, it is a historical example to demonstrate a point.

    Just as, historically, from the Spanish Civil War, the Italians wrongly concluded: their slower, more maneuverable biplanes were better than modern monoplanes and cautious ambush submarine tactics will win the day.

    Just because lessons are learned does not always mean they are the correct ones.

    Sending the troops was not detrimental, it was leaving the vast majority of Italian equipment behind when they left Spain.

    When? The Winter War or the Continuation War?

    Meaning less though, as the Finns never got that far in either war.
  2. Kai-Petri

    Kai-Petri Kenraali

    Jul 31, 2002
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    MussoliniĀ“s point was political. He was shocked that Hitler made a pact with communists and wanted to give all he could to Finns against Stalin. At first Hitler did not stop the shipments but as Stalin noticed and demanded stopping the Italian help, Hitler was forced to stop the help to Finland. Mussolini was even thinking about cutting the pact of steel as Hitler was not concentrating in destroying the communists and this gave Hitler quite alot of headache, as well the Japanese were after this sure that Hitler could not be trusted in the battle against communism. I have some quotes about this from a book of winter war and Italy. We did have some Italian planes as you can see from the Militaria site where I put the photos of Winter War pilots in Finland.

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