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Mustang losses on 14 July 1944

Discussion in 'Information Requests' started by neil c, Jun 22, 2009.

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    May 26, 2003
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    Shore says:

    At 1540 453 Squadron became involved in a fierce fight with Bf 109s in the Falaise-Liseiux
    area. Here two Bf 109s were claimed shot down and two more probably so, but two Spitfires fell
    in return. Wt Off A.W.Dowding was brought down by both the fire of a Bf 109 and by Flak
    damage, and became a POW Flg Off' Rusty Leith was reported variously as the victim of a fighter
    or of Flak; he crash-landed near St Philibert des Champs and was able to hide until Canadian
    troops overran the area on 22 August, after which he returned to the unit.
    No claims were
    submitted for Spitfires at this time, although a claim for a P-51 was made at 1555 by Fw Lau of
    III./JG 1 in the Lisieux area; this pilot then claimed a P-47 in the same area five minutes later,
    while Uffz Esser claimed two more.
    The Mustangs were back a few minutes later, 19 Squadron undertaking an armed
    reconnaissance to Dreux. In the Evreux area two Bf 109s were seen, and then four Fw 190s were
    spotted over Creton; two of the latter were claimed by Wt Offs T.A.Carson and M.H.Bell to the
    east of Lisieux.
    During the afternoon Mosquitoes of 406 Squadron, an 11 Group ADGB night fighter unit,
    flew a day 'Ranger' to the Plurien/Nantes area, from which three of them failed to return, all the
    crews being killed. It seems that they were intercepted by Bf 109s ofI./JG 27, Lt MaxWinkler and
    FwWiese of this unit each claiming one such aircraft shot down at 1720-25.
    At 1815 Mustangs of 122 Squadron were in the area again, bombing marshalling yards east
    of Dreux, when 12 Fw 190s attempted to 'bounce' the squadron. Fig Off M.H.Pinches and Fig Off
    S.K.Walker turned on them, each claiming one shot down, while Pinches claimed two more
    damaged before his own aircraft was hit by five Focke-Wulfs on his tail, from which he made
    good his escape. Fig Off A.V.Hargreaves also claimed damage to one, but was shot down; he
    evaded capture and returned the following month, reporting: "... the enemy aircraft spun and I
    prepared to follow him but found another 190 on my tail and was forced to take evasive action -
    which lasted 26 days /" He had been brought down by Lt Peter Crump of III./JG 54, who claimed
    his victim at 1922.
    Finally, at around 2000 Spitfires of 135 Wing escorted Lancasters to the St Cyr area, encountering
    Fw 190s, one of which was claimed by Wg Cdr Ray Harries over Routat. Between 1923-2012
    Jagdwaffe units claimed one Lancaster of 463 Squadron and four Spitfires shot down. The Lancaster
    and one Spitfire were claimed by Obstit Ihlefeld of ]G 1, two more of the latter by
    Lt Hans Dortenmann and Uffz Grobe of III./JG 54, and the fourth by Olw Leo Barann of III./JG 1.

    Franks says Leith was a flak hit in his Spitfire IX PL313D. Mission was described as an 'armed recce'
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    Jun 22, 2009
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    Thanks so much. All seems to be correct except that Russell was not hit by flak or enemy fire. After downing a 109 at about 12,000 feet, he made a turn to head back to B-11 and ran out of fuel shortly thereafter. He made a dead stick landing in a field. Russell currently lives in Perth WA and I am in contact with him.


    I went to the Luftarchiv.de site but because I don't understand German I'm not able to search the site for a photo of Vogel. Is it possible for you to find one for me?

  3. Skipper

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    Jun 6, 2006
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    No problem about Vogel's bellylanding, instead of bailing out. I said that because he was taken pow. My mistake. I have posted a request in German on the Luftarchiv forum for you. Erich and I go there from time to time. I hope someone will be able to help.
  4. neil c

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    Jun 22, 2009
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    Thanks, Skipper.

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