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    Jun 9, 2008
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    I just wanted to chime in here. I'm a little woozy from some serious drinking tonight (out of pain meds and my back and hip are KILLING me -- don't get shot boys and girls, don't get shot!!). Okay, so, Dad was a navigator on B-17Gs. but he had a degree in Electrical Engineering and some patents in early radio with RCA. After the war, after he had flown his 27? 29? missions, he got called back in to be an "Official Observer" at a couple of camps in Germany, noting especially the electrical systems used (Dad didn't go into detail with me on that), but he testified at some trials, and was proud to have contributed to the hanging of a few fnbs. After the war, Dad didn't continue with his electronics except as a hobby. The camps had changed him. He became a doctor and actually developed techniques for dealing with the tribulations POWs went through. Okay, the monitor is starting to tilt and I'm typing by instinct here. Gnight.

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