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Night of The Long Knives

Discussion in 'History of Germany during World War II' started by Jim, Oct 29, 2007.

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    By 1934 the Nazi stormtroop force, the SA or Brownshirts, had become dangerously powerful, Hitler sensed this and so decided to destroy it. In the early hours of Saturday, June 30, SS officers under orders from Goring and Himmler burst into a hotel at the Bavarian lake resort of Bad Wiesce, where SA leader Ernst Rohm and a group of his men were spending the weekend. The SS men dragged Rohm away to Stadelheim Prison in Munich, where he was shot the next day. Other SA officers were shot on the spot. The slaughter continued elsewhere on the Sunday. The Berlin SA leader, Karl Ernst, was seized but died loyally, shouting "Heil Hitler". Other scores were settled when radical Nazis, such as Gregor Strasser, and prominent anti-Nazis were eliminated. Hitler later told the Reichstag that 58 had been 'executed' and that another 19 'lost their lives', but other estimates of the dead exceed 400.

    Ernst Julius Röhm

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    Great info, Jim.

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