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Otto - Canton, North Carolina, USA

Discussion in 'WW2 Forums/Forces Postal Service' started by Otto, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Otto

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    From: Canton, North Carolina, USA

    The Otto clan recently made a trip to made to visit family in North Carolina. We spent a lot of time visiting with locals, some of whom have history in the area going back before the civil war. There are about a half dozen surnames in the area that appear on many gravestones, street signs, and buildings. Even the current Mayor has one of these surnames. All of them have a some lineage back to moonshiners during the prohibition era. The lore surrounding the moonshine stills in this mountainous area is expansive, and the stories are told with pride. It's no surprise there was a Moonshine museum in the area, which is where I picked up this card.



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    My cousins make a considerable amount of 'shine. The AFT keeps an eye on them.
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