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Otto - Looking Glass Falls - Brevard, North Carolina, USA [Haywood County #2]

Discussion in 'WW2 Forums/Forces Postal Service' started by Otto, Aug 10, 2021.

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    Sent: 4 August 2021
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    From: Looking Glass Falls - Brevard, North Carolina, USA
    [Haywood County #2]

    My second check-in from North Carolina is the very accessible Looking Glass Falls. The falls are accessible in that that are astride a road, you can wade right up to the foot of the falls, and also easily climb a hidden path that ascends up the the right of the falls (as you face them). Even though it was early August the water was quite cold, where wading was possible but anything near the waist or above would have been quickly unpleasant.

    Haywood County is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains which are part of the Appalachians. There are sharp mountains, valleys, rapid rivers, and waterfalls almost everywhere you look in this area. It is truly beautiful country.



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