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Pen Pal's Nazi Propaganda Album For Auction

Discussion in 'Prelude to War & Poland 1939' started by GRW, Feb 23, 2018.

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    Nothing outstanding amongst them, but the intended message was clear enough. Would love to know if they both survived the war.
    "Chilling propaganda photos sent on the eve of the Second World War by a German girl to her British penfriend to reveal 'what life was really like' in the Third Reich have been discovered.
    The extraordinary album - which is going up for auction next Monday in Ludlow, Shropshire - also contained spoof cartoons of the 'horrors' of life under Nazi rule as portrayed by the British media.
    The amusing cartoons depict a swastika-bearing oversized Nazi officer terrorising children by punching a defenceless youngster in the face.
    Another shows goose-stepping bathers on a mined beach under the gaze of a Nazi machine gunner. The comical art work was juxtaposed with real black and white photos portraying a far more civilised society.
    There are snapshots of smiling German youths playing together and exploring nature accompanied by text promoting the virtues of the Hitler Youth and 'Kraft durch Freude' (Strength Through Joy) the state-run German leisure organisation.
    The photo album, entitled 'To My Dear Gloria', was apparently compiled by a German girl called Hedwig who sent it to her British friend Gloria to challenge the British preconceptions about life under the Nazis.
    She was clearly riled by a previous letter Gloria has sent her in which she described how the Third Reich was seen by the British."
    Photos sent to a British penfriend a German girl | Daily Mail Online

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