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Pick your Airforce

Discussion in 'Aircraft' started by Thor, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. I♥Shermans

    I♥Shermans Member

    Nov 6, 2009
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    Trainer: Miles Mohawk
    Transport: C-47
    High Altitude Fighter: Westland Welkin
    Fighter/Naval Fighter: Grumman F6F Hellcat
    Heavy Bomber: B-17
    Medium Bomber/Attack: B-25 Mitchell
    Night Fighter: hawker Hurricane
    Recon: PBY Catalina
    Attack/Fighter: Supermarine Spitfire
  2. ickysdad

    ickysdad Member

    Dec 18, 2008
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    Trainer..A-6 texan

    Fighter/high altitude fighter/interceptor: P-51H assumedly could also conduct long range escort missions.

    long range escort....P-47N presumedly could also double as ground attack.


    heavy bomber: B-29

    medium bomber: P-38L quite capable of carrying large bombloads plus could provide fighter, interceptor,long range fighter, high altitude fighter and ground attack functions. if one must pick a tatical bomber why not the Ju-88 it could also function as dive bomber,torpedo plane and night fighter.

    Night fighter...Mosquito...

    naval fighter..F6F easy to produce,very rugged,very forgiving on training new pilots,and very,very carrier capable.could also double as ground attack and has very,very good range...F4U-4 right there with it but I wanted at least one fighter that was very easy to produce along with having docile handling charcteristics. Eric Brown considered the Hellcat to be superior to the '109G and quite equal to the '190A . the USN could even had increased it's roll rate enormously along with equipping it with turbo-chargers.

    maritime patrol...Privateer /B-24
  3. Flamer88100

    Flamer88100 Dishonorably Discharged

    Feb 27, 2010
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    mine would be
    Trainer Tiger Moth
    transport Dakota
    monoplane fighter-Spitfire
    recon Anson
    heavy bomber Lancaster
    biplane fighter Gladiator
    torpedo bomber Swordfish
    fighter-bomber Mosquito
    dive bomber Stuka

    i am sorry to all brits out ther for saying stuka but it is just that i think it is interesting. i like the way they managed to find out how to make sure the control surfaces wouldnt lock when diving. i like the shape of the wings and i think it is fascinating. this plane caused a lot of grief to brits so once again i am sorry.
  4. VikingBerserker

    VikingBerserker recruit

    Feb 27, 2010
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    Trainer: Polikarpov Po-2
    Transport: Douglas C-54 Skymaster
    High Altitude Fighter: Ta 152
    Naval Fighter: Vought F4U Corsair
    Heavy Bomber: B-29 Superfortress
    Dive Bomber: Douglas SBD
    Medium Bomber: Ju 88
    Attack/Fighter: P-47
    Recon: P-38 - F5
  5. Volga Boatman

    Volga Boatman Dishonorably Discharged

    Nov 15, 2009
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    ATT-TEN--SHUN ! Ok newbies....welcome to flight school!

    Standard Trainer here is the BELL XP-77. Now I realise it's a tricky beast, in fact, the last batch of two we had here, one went into a flat spin that was unrecoverable and the pilot had to bail out and leave the aircraft to land by itself (lawn-dart fashion!), but we at the Darwin School of Aeronautics feel that if you can handle this trainer, you are certainly ready to fly anything with wings....

    From here you will advance (once out of the infirmary), to our standard transport, the ME 321 'GIGANT'. Now, some of you may have doubts about flying gliders, but this one has been tested thoroughly over the 14 days it has taken our design team to get it off the drawing board, and our three Me-110 tow planes will, with rocket assistance, be wafting you up into the sky with relative ease. (Relative to the difficulty that you may have landing it, that is).

    Un-hospitalized pilots will now move on to our standard light bomber, the FAIREY BATTLE. Rumours you may have heard about survivability in this sterling example of British aviation are only partly true, so we will not be flying any missions weighted down with unecessary equipment such as machine guns or ammunition. Those that make it through to the target zone are to drop their munitions and use the weight saved on other things to get back to base as efficiently as possible.

    Those with burns to less than 30% of their body can now move to the standard heavy bomber the AVRO MANCHESTER. The reliability of the Rolls Royce Vulture has been greatly misinterpreted, with those of you dealing with burns from our Fairey Battles will be experts at coping with the trifling problems of spontanious engine combustion.

    You will now be ready to advance to our standard divebomber. Once out of the burns unit, your instructors will introduce you to the DOUGLAS TBD-1 'DEVESTATOR'. You will do excellently at striking shipping against undefended targets, so rewarding in fact, that survivors of our strikes can move on to the business end of our airforce...fighters!

    AND what better way to introduce you to the world of aerial combat than with our standard day-fighter, the BREWSTER F2A 'BUFFALO'. Now, the Finns don't seem to be having much of a problem operating these types, so all complaints will be kept in a holding pattern on my desk! The "Buff" can be a wonderful aircraft to fight in, as long as we encounter He-51s or Polikarpov I-15s. Anything more serious than that, I want you to leave to the best graduates of our school, in your escort aircraft of...

    The ME-163 'KOMET'.....Now, this aircraft has a limited range, so anyone lingering in the target area after four minutes please head for home, otherwise our 'Buffs' will be shot down in droves. I would like the surviving burns unit to pay particular care and attention with the fuel for this little 'wonder weapon' as it can be very conducive to melting anything organic. Landing instructions will be provided on takeoff, and be extra careful not to bump it too hard on returning to earth. Our overworked nurses at the 'burns unit' have enough on their plate, so don't add to their workload!!!!

    You'll probably need a break from daylight operations at this stage, so the next aircraft we would like you to familiarize yourselves with is the BOULTON PAUL 'DEFIANT'. By now, it should be obvious that we are NOT going to send you up with fancy gadgets, (it saves on weight), so I would like you to diet with plenty of raw carrots to enable your night-vision to improve. Since your only weapons will be the power operated turrets, we need you to fly past any aircraft before engaging, so in addition to carrot juice before you leave, drop your mealtimes to once a day AT THE VERY MOST.

    At this stage, all survivors are probably thinking, "Gee! if only I could fly something that gets a guaranteed hit on my target REGARDLESS of anything else"....well...advanced survivors will be strapped into the pride of our airfleet...the YOKOSUKA MXY7 'OHKA' (CHERRY BLOSSOM). Any illusions you may have about an early return to 'blighty' will be quickly dispelled. We have a WAR to fight and win, and the 'OHKA' is the aircraft to do it in. Carried by our 'Gigants', you will attack shipping and other targets, before gracing yourself with a pair of white wings as a reward for your service.

    We hope you ENJOY your time at the Darwin School. Be happy in your work, because work, as we all know, sets us incredibly free....

  6. VikingBerserker

    VikingBerserker recruit

    Feb 27, 2010
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    Several of those birds arn't too bad but much obliged, I'll crash anything once, but I'd prefer to hold off on the Ohka for now! :lol:
  7. Christian Snyder

    Christian Snyder Member

    Feb 28, 2010
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    Here is my airforce:

    Trainer: Tiger Moth
    Transport: C-47
    High Altitude fighter: P-51 Mustang
    Fighter/Naval Fighter: F6F Hellcat
    Heavy Bomber: B-17 Flying Fortress
    Medium Bomber/Attack: Junkers 88 (I believe it was considered a medium bomber?)
    Night Fighter: P-61 Black Widow
    Recon: PBY Catalina
    Attack/Fighter: Messerschmitt-109
  8. Aussiegoat

    Aussiegoat Member

    Feb 3, 2017
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    Trainer: A-6 (Tiger Moth second)
    Transport: C-47 (C-54 second)
    High Altitude Fighter: Me-262 (Meteor second)
    Naval Fighter: F4U (F6F second)
    Heavy Bomber: B-29 (Lancaster second for payload)
    Dive Bomber: Stuka - fighter bait but such an icon! (SDB second)
    Maritime patrol: PB4Y (Daylight second)
    Anti-shipping: Beaufighter (Mozzie second)
    Night fighter: Mozzie (Either Ju-88 or Me-110 second - can't argue with their combat record!)
    Medium Bomber: Mozzie (Arado 234)
    Attack/Fighter: F4U (Tempest close run second but loses points for gross over-claiming of tank kills)
    Recon: P38 - F5 (Mozzie second)

    I'm definitely Mozzie biased - best all round aircraft of the war IMHO.

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