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Russain AA Guns

Discussion in 'Artillery' started by yan taylor, May 23, 2011.

  1. yan taylor

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    Jan 7, 2011
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    Hi, could anyone help me with some data on Soviet AA Guns please,

    25mm M.1940 72-K
    Amount: 4.860
    Calibre 25mm L/76.6
    AP Data: ?

    37mm M.1939 61-K
    Amount: 20.000
    Calibre 37mm L/61
    AP Data: 40mm @ 500m @ 30[FONT=&quot]°

    76mm M.1931 61-K
    [/FONT]Amount: ?
    Designed by: ?
    Calibre 76.2mm L/55
    Horse Drawn
    AP Data: 78mm @ 500m @ 30[FONT=&quot]°
    76mm M.1938
    Amount: ?
    Calibre: 76.2mm L/55
    AP Data: 78mm @ 500m @ 30[FONT=&quot]°

    85mm M.1938 52-K
    [/FONT]AP Data: 84mm @ 500m @ 30[FONT=&quot]°[/FONT]

    Thanks For Any Help.
    Regards Yan.

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