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Second Lieutenant James Leach VC

Discussion in 'World War One Forum' started by Jim, Sep 16, 2010.

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    2nd Battalion. Manchester Regiment

    London Gazetted on 22nd October, 1914.

    Born on 27th July 1892 at North Shields, Northumberland.

    Died on 15th August 1958 at Shepherds Bush, London.

    Leach was 22 years old, and a Second Lieutenant in the 2nd Battalion, The Manchester Regiment, British Army during the First World War when the following deed took place for which he was awarded the VC.


    Digest of Citation reads:

    After two attempts, on 29th October 1914 near her Festubert, France, to recapture their trench, that had been taken by the enemy, had failed, Second Lieutenant Leach and Sergeant John Hogan and a party of 10 volunteers went to recapture it themselves. With a sudden bayonet attack they took the Germans by surprise. Then working from traverse to traverse, at close quarters and with great bravery, they gradually succeeded in repossessing the trench. They killed eight of the enemy, wounded two and made 16 prisoners.

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