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Discussion in 'German WWII Uniforms and Equipment' started by Jim, Jun 24, 2012.

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    SS-Untersturmführer, 4.SS-Polizei-Division, Balkans, May 1943​

    Raised in October 1939 from uniformed 'civilian' police, this division came under the umbrella of Himmler's SS & police administration; it was not regarded as a true Waffen-SS division. It had its own distinctive police insignia with an SS eagle & swastika national emblem on the arm. In February 1942 it became a fully-fledged Waffen-SS formation and was issued with new Waffen-SS insignia. Although this division had fought in the Western Front in 1940 and also in the Eastern Front 1941 to early 1943, it was also used as a security formation for anti-partisan operations. This second lieutenant wears typical uniform items that mark him out as an officer, an SS officer's peaked cap with the removed wire stiffener, silver cord and fixings, in order to make it look like the old style "crusher'cap. SS officer's breeches and riding boots are also worn.


    Popular with field officers and senior NCOs in the Waffen-SS, is the so-called 'field made' camouflage tunic. These tunics were made from high quality Zeltbahn camouflage cloth (this example in later type 'plain tree' pattern). They were not generally manufactured clothing, but were made by tailors in their division. This tunic is similar in cut to the M36 field blouse with its pleated pockets. On the tunic he has the full SS officer's insignia, additionally he has two awards, the infantry assault badge pinned to his left breast pocket and the 2nd class Iron Cross ribbon attached to his second buttonhole. Underneath this tunic is the standard issue grey shirt.

    This field officer's equipment & weapons consists of; the SS pattern officer's leather belt (but preferred and most commonly used was the army type officer's belt with its more secure double claw buckle), 1st type MP38/40 pouch, 6x30 field binoculars, M1931 field flask, M35 steel helmet (still with its old police decal insignia), P38 'hardshell' holster and the pre-war Erma machine-pistol (issued to SS security & field police units).
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    Nice thread. I have a minty pair of SS Untersturmfuhrers boards--Panzer. These can be worn for field use but more were of the type to be worn on non-combat uniforms because the silvering is not subdued.

    PS, any of the Waffen SS cloth I have in my not-so-large Waffen SS Cloth collection--is all verified by two sources for their authenticity. One source was Diane Schrieber of Hermann Historica--the other source was from one of the guys at Third Reich Relics who have an extensive knowledge of ans sell a lot of Waffen SS cloth. These two sources authenticated my stuff for me back about 1998-1999. Also, when the time comes? I have a mint pair of Army generals Collartabs and a near mind pair of Generalmajors shoulderboards. These were authenticated by: Janet Hamilton of: www.blackcrossmilitaria.com as well as the chap at the: Fieldmarshals baton site. They looked at my stuff about 5 years ago.

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