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SSGT Enoch A. Whittington (ASN-20805190) 36th Infantry Division. Sep. 26, 1916-Sep. 19, 1943

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    S.Sgt. Enoch A. Whittington wounded gravely during the Amphibious assault at Paestum near Salerno.Paestum near Salerno, Italy on 9 Sep 1943 - Google Search

    From THE ABILENE (TX) REPORTER (10/14/1943)
    * S.Sgt. Enoch A. Whittington, 27, son of Mrs. Etta Whittington, 710 Colorado, Sweetwater, who died Sept. 19 of wounds suffered Sept. 9.


    "FIGHTING IN ITALY: With the 141st in line, the regiment made an amphibious assault at Paestum near Salerno, Italy on 9 Sep 1943, the first landing by U. S. forces in Europe. led to fighting in the Naples-Foggia campaign, marked by an assault on Mount Sammurco on December 26, 1943."

    Lineage and Honors - 142nd Infantry Regiment

    SSGT Enoch A. Whittington (1916 - 1943) - Find A Grave Memorial

    Valor awards for Enoch A. Whittington

    NARA - AAD - Display Full Records - Electronic Army Serial Number Merged File, ca. 1938 - 1946 (Enlistment Records)

    StaffSGT.gif PH.jpg medals_silver_star_100x200.jpg VictoryMedalww2.jpg 36th_Infantry_Division_CSIB_svg.png
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