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SturmTiger goes to Aberdeen

Discussion in 'The Members Lounge' started by Boba Nette, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. Boba Nette

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    Feb 17, 2004
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    Finally,after about twenty years of dreaming about it,I got the chance to go to the North American Promised Land of AFV's.I was like a fat kid in a candy store.Actually,I was a fat 33 year old kid in a tank museum.It was a fantastic experience to finally see a JagdtTiger,JagdtPanther,KV-1,Panther A/D? and a G up close.Not to mention two T-34/85's and a '76.
    Let's not forget the Churchill,Chieftain,IS-3/T-10,T-54/55 and more than a few vehicles based on the Pzkpfw III and IV chassis.I spent 3 or 4 hours walking around photographing everything damn near twice.The heavies a hell of a lot more than that.I counted 3 direct hits on the glacis of the JagdtTiger and a fourth that cracked the mantlet.
    A nice surprise was a fully restored '88.You can easily read the original proof marks and serial numbers.
    After you pass the entrance to the grounds,you will come upon two groups of vehicles with fully restored exteriors.I asked at the museum gift shop if I could photograph them on the way out and was told yes,they are a part of the collection.
    Speaking of the gift shop,they had an excellant selection of books,models,toys and souvenirs all at reasonable prices.(Unlike most museums!).
    The indoor museum is jam packed with small arms exhibits,cannons,a schwimmwagen and a kubelwagen.
    Overall a most enjoyable experience.I will post pics of my trip as soon as possible.I know you guys will enjoy them.



    P.S. The King Tiger that used to be at Aberdeen is currently at the Patton Museum at Fort Knox.
    The Tiger I is either in Germany somewhere or England.Personally I think this is bullsh#t!!!Bovington already has Tiger 131 and Germany......well to the victor goes the spoils and GODDAMMIT THAT INCLUDES ANY TIGERS WE HAPPENED TO GET OUR YANKEE HANDS ON!!!!!!OK,end of rant.
    Both tanks are scheduled for some degree of restoration.

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