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Sub-Lieut. Bruce Clarke DSC

Discussion in 'WWII Obituaries' started by GRW, Jan 28, 2018.

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    "A WORLD War Two hero hailed for his role in a daring raid on the Japanese fleet has died at the age of 95.
    Sub-Lieutenant Bruce Clarke was part of a crew of four men who snuck undetected into Hong Kong harbour in a midget submarine to cut the undersea telephone lines running to Singapore.
    Despite him almost losing a finger while placing a mine on the target, the mission was a resounding success.
    It forced the Japanese to use radio messages, which were easier for the Allied codebreakers to intercept and has been credited with helping to shorten the conflict with Japan.
    Commanding officer Lieutenant H.P. Westmacott commended Bruce for his “courage” and “fortitude” during the operation.
    He said: "Whilst trying to clear the grapnel (small anchor), S/Lt Clarke had caught his finger in the cutter, cut it very deeply and fractured the bone.
    "It is impossible to praise too highly the courage and fortitude which enabled him to make his entry into the craft in this condition.
    "Had he not done so, apart from becoming a prisoner, it is probable the operation would have had to be abandoned for fear of being compromised."
    The son of a naval officer, Bruce was born in Edinburgh in 1922 and joined the navy as a 19-year-old in 1941.
    He initially served on destroyers escorting convoys in the North Sea and in the Mediterranean then later took part in Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of Northwest Africa."

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