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Tank Bibliography: M4 Sherman

Discussion in 'The Library' started by Skua, Nov 8, 2007.

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    - 'Sherman Medium Tank 1942-1945', Steven J. Zaloga. New Vanguard 3. 46 pages, b&w photos, 8 pages of colour plates. The usual broad approach typical for the New Vanguard books, but it gives a good foundation for further studies. Recommended.

    - 'M4 (76mm) Sherman Medium Tank 1943-1965', Steven J. Zaloga. New Vanguard 73. 46 pages, b&w photos, 8 pages of colour plates. A more recent publication, which shows especially in the stunning colour plates. The text also focuses more on development and the history behind it, but a lot more could have been written about the use of the Sherman post-war ( I guess they ran out of pages? ). Still recommended.

    - 'Medium Tank M4 (76mm & 105mm) Sherman & Firefly', Terry J. Gander. Military Vehicles in Detail 6. 92 pages, diagrams, photos in b&w and colour. This is not the finest volume in the 'Tanks in Detail' series, but it does have some of the trademarks as a few interesting detail photos and a decent description of the Sherman and its development history. You'll be dissapointed though, if you were looking for information about the Firefly. Because, despite being mentioned in the title, only a few pages are devoted to this tank.

    - 'U.S. WW II M4 / M4A1 Sherman Medium Tank', Michael Franz, Tankograd Technical Manual Series 1. 48 pages, diagrams, b&w photos, German and English text. This is not a manual as the name of the series suggests, but a collection of photographs and diagrams which shows both external and internal details to good extent. I found it enjoyable, but a bit pricey compared to more exstensive reference works.

    - 'British and American Tanks of World War Two', Peter Camberlain and Chris Ellis. Pages 114-137 covers both American and British variants.

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