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Discussion in 'Aircraft' started by Carronade, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Carronade

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    Feb 17, 2010
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    The TBM discussion reminded me of something that's always puzzled me. The last letter in such designations signified the manufacturer, but the Navy usually assigned a unique letter to each maker. That's why Brewster had to be A (B was Boeing) or Grumman F (G was Goodyear). So why did they use M for both General Motors (Eastern Aircraft division) and Martin?
  2. mcoffee

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    Sep 25, 2009
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    M was not the only letter that was applied to more than one manufacturer is the Navy's designation system.

    Aircraft manufacturers (from official Glossary of U.S. Naval Abbreviations)

    A - Allied Aviation Corporation
    A - Brewster Aeronautical Corporation
    A - Noorduyn Aviation Ltd.
    B - Beech Aircraft Company
    B - Boeing Aircraft Company
    B - Budd Manufacturing Company
    C - Cessna Aircraft Corporation
    C - Culver Aircraft Corporation
    C - Curtiss-Wright Corporation
    D - Douglas Aircraft Company
    D - McDonnell Aircraft Corporation
    D - Radioplane Company
    E - Bellanca Aircraft Corporation
    E - Edo Aircraft Corporation
    E - Piper Aircraft Corporation
    F - Columbia Aircraft Corporation
    F - Fairchild Aircraft Ltd (Canada)
    F - Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation
    G - Globe Corporation (Aircraft Division)
    G - Goodyear Aircraft Corporation
    G - Great Lakes Engineering Corporation
    H - Hall-Aluminium Aircraft Corporation
    H - Howard Aircraft Corporation
    H - Stearman-Hammond Aircraft Corporation
    J - North American Aviation Corporation
    K - Fairchild Aviation Corporation
    K - Kaiser Cargo Inc, Fleetwings Division
    K - Kinner Airplane and Motor Corporation
    K - Nash-Kelvinator Company
    L - Bell Aircraft Corporation
    L - Columbia Aircraft Corporation
    L - Langley Aviation Corporation
    M - General Motors Corporation, Eastern Aircraft Division
    M - Glenn L. Martin Co.
    N - Naval Aircraft Factory
    O - Lockheed
    P - Piper Aircraft corporation (Gliders)
    P - P-V Engineering Forum, Inc (Helicopters)
    P - Spartan Aircraft Co.
    Q - Bristol Aeronautical Corporation (Gliders)
    Q - Fairchild Aircraft Division, Fairchild Corporation
    Q - Ranger-Lark Division, Fairchild Corporation
    Q - Stinson Aircraft Corporation (later part of Consolidated-Vultee)
    R - Aeronca Aircraft Corporation
    R - American Aviation Corporation (Gliders)
    R - Brunswick-Balke-Callender
    R - Interstate Aircraft and Engineering Corporation
    R - Maxson-Brewster (W.L. Maxson Corporation)
    R - Ryan Aeronautical Company
    S - Boeing Aircraft Company/ Stearman
    S - Schweizer Aircraft Co.
    S - Sikorsky Aircraft (United Aircraft Corporation)
    S - Vought-Sikorsky (United Aircraft Corporation)
    T - Northrop Aircraft Inc (El Segundo Division, Douglas Aircraft)
    T - Taylorcraft Aviation Corporation
    T - Timm Aircraft Corporation
    U - Chance Vought Aircraft (United Aircraft Corporation)
    U - Vought-Sikorsky (United Aircraft Corporation)
    V - Canadian Vickers
    V - Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft Corporation (ConVAir)
    V - Vega Aircraft Corporation, later Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
    V - Vickers, Inc.
    V - Vultee
    W - Canadian Car and Foundary
    W - Waco Aircraft Comapny
    W - Willys-Overland
    Y - Consolidated Aircraft Corporation
    Y - Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft Corporation
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    Mar 18, 2008
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    Because no one would confuse an Avenger built by GMC with a large patrol boat built by Marton.

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