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The allies attack Japan from the West and the USSR

Discussion in 'What If - Pacific and CBI' started by mjölnir, Mar 15, 2016.

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    OTL In early 1942 China achieved the only victories over Japan. Roosevelt asked Churchill ro liberate Burma ASAP in order to supply and reinforce China. However, Churchill much preferrred to send all the tanks, troops, etc, to fight a few German divisions in Africa and to invade Syria, Madagascar, French Africa, etc,

    Similarly, Stalin always had a large force idle, facing Manchuria, on which Japan depended for food, steel, aluminum, coal, cheap labor, etc,

    Incredibly, although the USSR destroyed the WM, Britain received over 30 billion dollars, the USSR under 13 billion.

    ATL in April 1942 Roosevelt negotiates with Stalin and Chiang to expel Japan from the continent ASAP in order to concentrate all forces (including Chinese) against Germany.
    The US will send fewer tanks, SP guns, etc, to N Africa, where the British will establish a strong defensive line to stop Rommel's weak and poorly supplied force (more L-L for the huge USSR and China, whose huge armies have been much more successful than Britain's and less L-L for Britain, which wastes much of it bombing houses and fighting back and forth over useless desert for years, instead of capturing valuable terrain and killing troops).
    Large amounts of armament and supplies will be sent to Vladivostok and the USSR stock pile it in order to invade Manchuria and supply China without declaring war.
    The USN, USAAF and the Chinese army will assist the Soviets during the invasion of Manchuria. The USN Pacific fleet will concentrate between Alaska and Vladivostok and forget about the central and S Pacific.
    Shipping to Vladivostok without interference from Japan during the stockpiling phase is much easier than supplying Egypt, sailing around S Africa and depriving Japan of Manchuria and Korea is much more productive than wasting a huge force and billions of dollars in order to prevent Rommels's weak force from breaking through. Using Soviet, well suplied Chinese forces and American forces to fight for vital Manchuria is much more productive than Americans and Anzacs fighting all over the Pacific for useless islands, while the Chinese can hardly fight for lack of supplies and the Soviets are idle, facing Japan for years.
    Eeven after the Soviets invade Manchuria and Korea, it is much easier to send supplies from Seattle to Vladivostok, Manchuria and Korea with strong USN presence and facing inefficient Japanese subs than sending it to Britain, Egypt, etc, past U-boats.

    Once Japan is expelled from the continent, the USAAF can bomb it at leasure from China. USN subs operating from China, Indochina and the USSR wipe out Japanese shipping in 1942 (subs can operate much more effectively than from Perth or Pearl harbor) and Japan will not be able to fight without food, aluminum, etc, from Manchuria or ships.

    In 1943 the allies can forget about starving, harmless Japan and send a huge force against Germany, including 50 experienced Chinese divisions advancing through the USSR and thousands of American tanks and planes invading Sardinia and then the French Riviera.

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