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The Spanish Reconquist: A Nationalist Spain AAR

Discussion in 'Hearts of Iron' started by Mussolini, May 11, 2007.

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    The Rise of Nationalist Spain
    Chapter I: Civil War and the War of Portuguese Subjugation
    September 1st, 1938 – February 11th, 1939

    The Spanish Civil War:
    September 1st – September 18th

    The Spanish Civil War hardly lasted more then two weeks. Nationalist forces started off on the wrong foot as they were overwhelmed by 10:1 odds in Badajoz. A timely counterattack into the province of Guadalajara saved face and resulted in a Nationalist victory in the province. Tarragona and Jaen provinces soon fell to Nationalist forces and a surprisingly easy victory to claim Madrid, the Capital of Spain, soon followed.

    In South-Eastern Spain, Nationalist forces were rebuffed in Barcelona, though three successive victories in Valencia soon turned the tide. Murcia and Barcelona also feel within a few hours of each other and a successful defense of Guadalajara saw Republican forces on the run. Another two victories over Republicans in Albacete sealed the deal and mop up operations commenced.

    At 20:00, September 18th, 1938 Republican Forces unconditionally surrendered and Nationalist Spain was formed.

    The subsequent days that followed saw reorganization in Army makeup, Chiefs of Staff, and positioning of military units. General Sierra was also promoted to Field Marshall due to his service and given the command of 10 units (2 Cav, 8 Inf).

    September 24th saw Spain break its Non-Aggression pact with Portugal as relations with the Portuguese deteriorated.

    At 3:00 on Oct 22, 1938 Spanish forces began to march on Portuguese territories shortly after a DOW was issued. Portuguese forces in Faro were overwhelmed andFaro, Guardia, Evora and Oporto were all captured before a counterattack could be launched. Surrounded the garrison in Lisbon was utterly destroyed and Portugal ceased to exist on mainland Europe.

    A Portuguese Peace Offer was rejected as Nationalist forces were on the move. Cape Verde Islands were first to fall to the Nationalist forces, which began Island hoping down the West Coast of Africa. It was not until December that Nationalist forces landed in Congo, which fell with no opposition.

    Jan 27, at 22:00 Hours, 1939, Portugal ceeds all colonial possessions and all of Portugal except for Lisbon to Nationalist forces, agreeing to become a Puppet of Nationalist Spain. Spanish forces in Africa move to the former Portuguese colony on the East Coast of Africa.

    Feb 11th, Nationalist Spain completes the development of Early Field Artillery and also grants the independence of Angola.
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