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The sudeten Germans why did they support Hitler?

Discussion in 'Prelude to War & Poland 1939' started by yswo, Mar 27, 2011.

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    May 18, 2011
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    Interesting topic I stumbled on here. Especially because it directly involves my family. My grandmother and her family was from a town by the name of Romerstadt in what is presently known as Rymarov, Czech Republic. They were German in nationality. My great Uncle Herman was a Stuka pilot for the Luftwaffe and fought on the Eastern front from 1943-1945. I read an interview he gave for Military magazine that goes along with much of what I've read or know about that area in that time. Hitler was brilliant in creating undermining propaganda to gain support. Most of if not all of the discontent in that region was created by party officials of the Third Reich to portray the Germans as being persecuted. There were a series of laws in place that were aimed to allow the minority Czech population to gain political power from the ruling German majority, but from what I've read they were largely insignificant and not enforced. In a time before investigative journalism, twitter, facebook, the internet or modern forms of communication, Hitler created a hysteria within the German people of my grandmother's region that the worst was yet to come and that the Nazi's were their allies who would unite the people of German decent and protect them from any further alienation from the imperialistic hardline rules that restricted the German borders following World War I.
    Hitler destroyed the lives of not only the 60 million people who died during World War II but countless others who survived, including his own people. My Grandmother left before the War started and immigrated to the United States. In 1955 she returned to try and locate her family, only to learn that they had been forcefully deported following the war and expelled from the region. She was never able to get copies of her birth certificate, baptismal records, and thus could never receive communion or any sacrament and passed away in 1964 unable to receive last rites. My father told me that the trip to Europe was a disaster. She died having never located most of her family, and to this day nobody knows what happened to them. All of the records were destroyed.
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    Jun 6, 2006
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    Could the magazine you mention be Der Adler?

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