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Discussion in 'ETO, MTO and the Eastern Front' started by -, Aug 23, 2007.

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    Stand by to be blown away this has to be one of the best war books out there ! Yes its Fiction Väinö did see service in the 1941-44 war with Russia as a Non commissioned officer in a machine gun company his knowlage of the subject comes throw.You will find yourself in the thick of the battle with the likes of Koskela ,Rokka and Vanhala as the group marchies ,fights rests you will find Grumbling and bickering is the every day Language of the front. Most of it aimed at the Russians the top brass and Lammio to me this book shows the true finnish soldier of that time it gives a good account of the war as well as beaing a good read go out now and BUY IT!!!!!

    ISBN 951-0-11289-5
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    Sounds like a good book, Franz, but the only words I can recognize in Finnish are the ones that look like German words! I guess I'll have to wait until it gets translated... ;)
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    Is this the English version? Is that 23,50 Euros?
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    Unknown soldier (Tuntematon sotilas english)
    Writer: Linna, Väinö (Writer)
    Publisher and year: WSOY 2004
    Original name: Tuntematon sotilas
    Product: 310 pages hard cover (I don't know exact how to say this)
    Language: English
    ISBN9510112895, 9789510112892

    Price: 25,30 Euros
    2-5 days to get that

    I tried to translate it for you.

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