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US Army ST479, 344, and the 329th and 338th Harbor Craft Companies, etc

Discussion in 'WW2|ORG - WWII Open Resource Group' started by Dan Friend, Jun 26, 2024.

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    Jun 21, 2024
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    Folks, we have brought US Army ST479 back to where she was built in 1944: DeLand, Florida. We know she was in Europe, probably Northern France, and it appears that a group from the 338th Harbor Craft Company brought her to Antwerp...we now have nice photos of that from a descendent. And, it also appears that the person keeping the photos did not know quite a few of the men on the trip which leads us to think the original crew came along! I now have a copy of the History of the 329th Harbor Craft Company book email me to get a copy but at 116 pages I could not upload it here. But we know three of our twenty nine wartime ST's were in the 329th ST341, ST344 which hit a mine and sank at Cherbourg; and ST477. We do not know what HCC ST479 was assigned to. Dan Friend, President, DeLand Historic Trust, Inc., military curator for the City of DeLand, Florida. danieljosephfriend@gmail.com FYI our boat has the original engine and drivetrain intact! Check out the history of the tugs on my website usarmystugs.com. We plan to make a monument out of our boat, known as "Tiger" in her commercial life...and like everyone else, we need money!

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