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Valentin Lehrmann: A Soldier's Story

Discussion in 'A Soldier's Story' started by Jim, Sep 19, 2006.

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    Valentin Lehrmann was born on 27th September 1909 at Gelsenkirchen. His mother died when he was only two years old and he was brought up until his father remarried by his two elder sisters and his Grand-parents. Valentin decided to learn a tradition in 1934 passed his exam as a baker. Three months later he married his fiance, Ellen Otto whom he had met at the Christian Youth Group, he opened a bakery in the same year. All seemed set, therefore for a happy existence with every promise of success.

    The Lehrmann's


    In 1939 the Lehmann’s had their first daughter, Edith but a year later, war loomed menacingly over the family's good fortune. In 1940 Valentin was mobilised in the Wehrmacht, in October his second child was born, a boy. His third child, a daughter saw the Light of day on 26th May 1941. Valentin, who was in France at the time, received news of the birth by telegram. But he was never to see his little girl. On 6th June, the day of the Allied Landings, Full Corporal Valentin Lehrmann was wounded and died the next day. In 1946 a comrade-in-arms brought back to his widow, the personal effects found on Valentin Lehrmann the day he died, his wedding ring, Army-book, letters and a bible.

    Valentin Lehrmann was laid first at Saint-Laurent sur-Mer and was transferred later to the German War Cemetery at La Cambe: Block 2, Row 4, Grave 64

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