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What if Britian invaded Norway and Sweden...

Discussion in 'What If - European Theater - Western Front & Atlan' started by von_noobie, May 31, 2012.

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    Britain launched Operation Wilfred, While Germany is building up a force to occupy Norway to secure the iron ore supply Britain sends there force (followed eventually by France) to occupy Norway's key ports and the Swedish iron ore mine. The British force lands before the Germans set sail, Engaged by resistance the British push on to occupy the key ports and the Swedish iron ore mine.

    With outrage spreading through out the public in both Norway and Sweden there governments declare war on the UK and France, Germany responds by sending a force to aid in kicking out the British/French invaders. Eventually it plays out as it tells us, except likely less losses on the German side in both men and ships, Denmark likely not invaded but used as transit point (at request of Norwegian and Swedish governments) and the British/French force pulls out when Germany invades the low countries and France.

    With Norway and Sweden on the side of the Axis how might the war play out?? (and yes in advance I do realize Germany would still eventually lose)

    Would Denmark isolated and with public support for Norway and Sweden join with the Axis? (either be choice, or force)

    Personally Ill go with Denmark joining, While these 3 countries would not win the war, They would field forces large enough to actually aid the Finn's, Possibly enough to take the Kola Peninsula and push Soviet forces as far back as Lake Onega? It would create a vastly smaller line of defense, Allowing up forces from the countries to go back home to work in the industries that would be short handed with out them, as well as the 200,000+ German troops. May also cut off supplies heading to Leningrad which could eventually cause the city to fall.. Might (but unlikely) be a few ships for the Germans to take possession of and use in the Atlantic.

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