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When Scotland defied Mussolini

Discussion in 'Prelude to War & Poland 1939' started by GRW, May 15, 2011.

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    Oct 26, 2003
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    Stirling, Scotland
    "A statue in the Hampden museum is a timely reminder of Scotland's adventure in fascist Italy 80 years ago which saw the visitors lose the game but refuse to salute Mussolini
    LIGHTNING flashes and a peal of thunder rolls in the distance. The Stadio Nazionale, although only half full, reverberates to cries of "Duce, Duce". Up in the main stand, Benito Mussolini, arms folded, head rested on his forearms, surveys the scene. He likes Danny Blair, the Scottish wing-half, who will join Aston Villa from Clyde six months later, and he likes Giuseppe Meazza, a 20-year-old striker destined for greatness, but most of all he likes the result, a 3-0 home win later described in The Scotsman as "another humiliation" for British soccer. "
    80 years on: How a Scottish team stood up to Mussolini - Scotland on Sunday

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