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WWII pilot Fred Dungan recalls the dogfight of his life: Japanese pilot saluted me before plunging t

Discussion in 'Air War in the Pacific' started by PzJgr, Jun 22, 2012.

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    Fred "Buck" Dungan could hardly believe his eyes as he piloted his Navy Hellcat fighter plane downward through a cloud and broke back into the open over the Pacific island of Guam. It was June 19, 1944, and below him were 40 Japanese war planes - 20 bombers and 20 torpedo planes - lining up to land at the island's Orote Field. In the corner of his eye, Dungan could see a group of Japanese fighter planes dotting the sky above him to protect the landing formation. Dungan - flying one of only two American planes on the scene - had a split-second decision to make. He dove sharply, passing under the Japanese planes' landing pattern, figuring the Japanese fighters wouldn't dare fire on him there.

    WWII pilot, 90, recalls the dogfight of his life | dungan, japanese, planes - News - The Orange County Register
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    I love these stories. Great Americans, doing great things in one of America's greatest events. I find myself always wanting to hear more about the actual engagements...the pilot's view and cockpit actions that maneuvered him to victory.

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