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Army Air Corps uniform


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#1 J.J.



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Posted 26 August 2009 - 08:48 PM

I'm designing costumes for a play that takes place in December, 1942. One of the characters is about to leave to join his fighter squadron overseas, and he is in uniform. The only other detail that is given in the script is that he's a second lieutenant. It's important to me to get the details of the uniform exactly right, to show respect to the veterans in the audience. I believe that the uniform should consist of an Eisenhower jacket, slacks, shirt, tie, and hat. I'd love some guidance about the proper insignia, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

#2 R Leonard

R Leonard


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Posted 27 August 2009 - 02:02 AM

The Eisenhower Jacket did not appear until 1943 and its wear was only authorized overseas. If your character is in the US, he would wear the standard Class A uniform; khaki (or olive drab) shirt and khaki tie, olive drab blouse with belt (2LT bar on each shoulder, "US" and AAC quarterbrass on the collar and lapels, and, of course, wings over the left pocket - ribbons? a 2LT going overseas to join a squadron? probably not). His cap should be a garrison cap, but you could probably get away with an overseas cap. Trousers would be a greyish-tan. This is the uniform known as "pinks and greens" and was regulation for wear in the Zone of the Interior, i.e., continental USA.

alliedflightgear.com though the picture of the gent in the blouse does have an error, the buckle of the belt on the blouse should be centered, not off to the side. Page also shows the tropical worsted uniform - a specialty item, a new 2LT might not be willing to make that purchase.

http://www.diggerhis...USArmy-Air1.jpg shows a CPT, but the color is off, what's shown is much too green; the uniform in the first link has the correct colors. This one does nicely show, however, correct placement of the US and USAAC quarterbrass on the collar and lapels as well as wings and rank insignia. Your 2LT would not wear the shoulder patch of his unit until arrival.

A brief lesson. Whole books, and not cheap either, have been written on the subject. Bottom line, Ike jacket is a big mistake and correct placement of insignia is essential.

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