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Paranormal militaria....bear with me on this one!!

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Posted 02 October 2011 - 11:52 AM

G'day all,Many of you will think I am a fool for bringing this up, some of you may have had experiences but have kept it to yourselves for fear of ridicule.Let me start out by saying I am a believer in the paranormal, I have witnessed first hand things I can't explain at various military barracks around Australia, always seems to be when doin roving piquets at night.However I have a few pieces of militaria that have bought along a friend with them, mainly helmets funnily enough, but on some other smaller personal items... At first it was the ghosts of my two great uncles who's photos I have, both died in Russia, they have been around for years and they pop in and out....one has even made comment on the manaquin I have dressed in th uniform, repro, they are wearing in the photos. I even see thm in my garage chatting about my gear, just shadows, it's got to the point where we ignore eachother when I go into he garage, I say g'day, and they just keep chatting. But I have seen other figures in the garage just standing an looking at an item, when the see me they simply fade away, they don't normally come back, almost as if the are checking to see their gear is bein looked after, other experiences include weeping, and German bing spoken in th house, I acknowledge them, and thats all they seem to want, the Stalingrad M35 I have definitely has a traumatized soldat attached to it....he is very cold and I have seen him in his great coat shivering, with hus hands aroun the helmet....he doesn't understand where he is at the moment, I don't think he knows his helmet is now in Australia, again I Say g'day but i Reckon he is going o hang around a while till he sorts himself out, he's a nice bloke, just scared and confused, he woke
mr up the other night, asking what had happened and where he was.....I speak a little German and he knows a little English.You may not believe me, it's a hard thing to wrap your head around, but it's the gods truth, I will look after
my new mate and he will find peace......

If the moderators feel this is inappropriate, I apologize, but we are only the caretakers of these items, they will outlive us, and I think it's a important part of collecting to consider, and respect there original owners.....who may still have an attachment to their kit

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#2 sunny971



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Posted 02 October 2011 - 06:58 PM

Actually thats a really intersting topic. I have heard of ghosts gettting attached to a personal belonging of theirs. i have read of people's unfortunate purchases of items and getting an unwelcomed visitor that won't go away

I never heard of any ww2 stories but i'm sure they are out there. i certainly wouldn't mind learning more about it.

Of course this subject is not for everyone so critisism is certainly expected... it all comes down to personal beliefs.
Regards, Suzie.




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Posted 02 October 2011 - 07:24 PM

Is this Richard Kimmell?....seriously....Richard is that you?




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Posted 02 October 2011 - 08:48 PM

Not sure who Richard is.....and I'm up for criticism!

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