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Roster of Commanders of units in the 62nd Volksgrenadier Division.

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Posted 10 April 2007 - 10:10 PM

Taken from the site (while sections can still be accessed) Figured i'd post some interesting things here so the info will not be lost when the 62nf VKG site dies. This stuff is too good to let it go to waste.

All the Knightscross recipients of the 62nd Infantry Division (later the) 62nd Volksgrenadier Division (Designation change sometime in 1944-to-end of the war.

{Units marked G.D. only if not listed as the earlier war Inf Div.

By assignment:

Division Staff:

Generalleutnant Walter Keiner, Div. Kommadant in 1941.
Generalleutnant Rudolf Friedrich, Div. Kdt. mid 1942.
Generalmajor Richard-Heinrich v. Reuss, Div. Kdt. late 1942.
Generalmajor Helmuth Huffmann, Div. Kdt. mid-late 1943.

Inf Rgmt 164. (Before 1944 when it became Grenadier Rgmt) 164:

Oberst Helmut Friebe. Kdt. Inf Rgmt 164.
Oberstleutnant Hans Faasch. Kdt. 2nd Btn.
Oberstleutnant Hermann Lenz. Kdt. 3rd Btn.
Leutnant der Reserve Wilhelm Fielderer. Chef 5th Kompanie, 2nd Btn.
Oberfeldwebel Josef Reisig. In the 11th Kompanie, 3rd Btn.

I.R (G.R) 179:

Hauptmann der Reserve Ludwig Bachmeier. Kdt. 1st Btn/Gren Rgmt. 179.

I.R (G.R.) 183:

Oberst Oskar Koitzsch. Kdt I.R. 183.
Oberstleutnant Hermann Begemann. Kdt. 2nd Btn.
Leutnant d.R. Johannes Tillmann. Chef 10th Kp, 3rd Btn.

I.R. (G.R) 190:

Oberst Max-Hermann v. Loefen. Kdt. I.R. 190.
Major Arnold Simons. Kdt 1st Btn.
Hauptmann Wilhelm Houselle. Kdt. 3rd Btn.
Hptm. Arthur Jander. Chef 11th Kp.
Oberfeldwebel Willi Tschorn. In 7th Kp.

I.R. (G.R) 354 - None:

Artillerie Rgmt. 162:

Oberstleutnant Georg Riedel. Kdt. Arty Rgmt 162.
Hptm. Alfred Hartmann. Kdt 1st Btn/A.R.
Hptm. Herbert Franke. Kdt. 1st Btn/A.R.

Panzerjager Abteilung (Tank-Hunting Detachment)

Oberfeldwebel Paul Haase. In the 1st Kp, PzJgr Abt.

AufklAbt (A.A.) Signals Detachment 162:

Hptm Walter Kontny. Kdt A.A. 162.
Rittmeister Werner Prott v. Uechtritz u. Steinkirch. Kdt. Reiter Abt 162 in A.A. 162.

Feld Ersatz Btn 162: (F.E.B. 162)

Major Karl Eckert. Kdt F.E.B.
Hptm d.R. Werner Menzel. Kdt of a Kp in F.E.B.

Generalmajor Friedrich Kittel. VolksGrenDiv. 62 Kdt. For about 20 days from Dec. 23 -1944 to Jan. 09-1945.

Gren Rgmt. 164:

Oberleutnant Kurt Prinz. Fuhrer of 1st Kp in G.R.

G.R. 183:

Major Werner Dove. Rgmt Kdt.

G.R. 190:

Feldwebel Gottfried Hiltensparger. Platoon Leader in the 4th Kp, 1st Btn/G.R.

Panzerjager Abt:

Oberleutnant Georg Haass. Kdt. 1st Kp, 1st Btn/G.R. 164.

RKT w/ Oaks:

Oberst Arthur Juttner as Kdt of G.R. 164. W/ Swords still as an Oberst and Fuhrer of the 62nd Volksgrendivs General Staff.

All the German Cross in Gold (D.K.i.G.) in the 62nd I.D/V.G.D:

General Staff (all in 1942-1943)

GenLt. Rudolf Friedrich. Div Kdt.
OberstLt. Ottomar Babel. 1b.
Oberst Karl Klotz. 1a.
Maj.d.R. Carl Pietscher. 1b.

I.R. (G.R.) 164:

Oberst Helmut Friebe. Kdt. I.R. 164.
OberFw. Alois Landenhammer. In 11th Kp, 3rd Btn, G.R. 164.

I.R.(G.R.) 179:

Maj. Paul Kynast. Kdt. 1st Btn, G.R. 179.
Oblt. Albert Binkele. Chef 6th Kp, 2nd Btn, G.R. 179.

I.R. (G.R.) 183:

Oberst Oskar Koitzsch. Kdt. I.R. 183.
OberstLt. Hermann Begemann. Kdt. 2nd Btn, I.R. 183.
Maj.d.R. Dr. Herbert Freudenthal. Kdt. 3rd Btn. I.R.
Oblt Felix Mikosch. Chef 5th Kp, 2nd Btn. I.R.

I.R. (G.R.) 190: (all in 1941)

Oberst Max Hermann v. Loefen. Kdt. I.R.
Maj. Arnold Simons. Kdt. 1st Btn.
Hptm. Wilhelm Houselle. Kdt. 3rd Btn. I.R.
Hptm. Arthur Jander. Chef 11th Kp, 3rd Btn, I.R.
Ofw. Willi Tschorn. Platoon Leader in 7th Kp, 2nd Btn. I.R.

I.R. (G.R.) 354:

Oberst Siegfried v. Rekowski. Kdt. G.R. 354.
Oblt.d.R. Hans-Edgar Klee. Chef of 4th Kp, 1st Btn, G.R.

A.R. 162:

OberstLt. Georg Riedel. Kdt. A.R. 162.
Hptm. Alfred Hartmann. Kdt. 1st Kp, 1st Btn. A.R.
Hptm. Hermann v. Seydlitz-Ludwigsdorf. Chef of 8th Kp, 2nd Btn. A.R.
Oblt.d.R. Wolfgang Hilligen. Chef of 5th Kp, 2nd Btn. A.R.
Oblt. Walter Jost. Stab of A.R.162.

PzJgrAbt. 162:

Ofw. Paul Haase. Chef of 1st Kp in PzJgrAbt. 162.

Signals Abt. 162:

Hptm. Walter Kontny. Kdt. A.A. 162.
Rittmeister Werner Prott v. Uechtritz u. Steinkirch. Kdt. ReiterAbt. 162 in A.A. 162.

Field Replacement Battalion (F.E.B.) 162:

Maj.d.R. Karl Eckert. Kdt of F.E.B.
Hptm. Werner Menzel. Kdt of a Kp in F.E.B.

I wish I had a list of every officer in this Division for comparison purposes.

I also wish I could easily get this kind of info for every German unit.
Lost are only those, who abandon themselves) Hans-Ulrich Rudel.
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