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1st Cavalry Division - World War II- By Turner Publishing. Published-1947/Reprint-2000

Discussion in 'Book Reviews' started by CAW1, Mar 25, 2017.

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    The definitive reference for the 1st Cavalry in WWII. Most copies that were in bookstores, libraries and educational institutions have been lost or stolen since the last reprint. Existing copies mostly now reside in the "rare" book sections of repositories.

    Amazon has it for $200 if you can find a copy.


    "Nearly one-quarter of the Silver Stars were awarded posthumously, The recipients having lost their lives in performance of deeds or soon thereafter.

    Of the 92 Silver Stars awarded for gallantry in the Antipolo engagement, 41 went members of the 7th Cavalry Regt, 23 to the 8th Cavalry, 13 to the 12th Cavalry, 4 to the 5th Cavalry, 5 to the 1st Medical Squadron, 4 to members of the artillery units, and 2 to members of the 8th Engineer Squadron."

    1st Cavalry Division - World War II - queued to Pvt. Ace Hartman (Silver Star) and the explanations of the valor awards at Antipolo.


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