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"A Writer at War" - V. Grossman, trans. Beevor and Vinogradova

Discussion in 'WWII Books & Publications' started by Hufflepuff, Oct 16, 2013.

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    I'm reading this book currently here in Saint Petersburg... I have to say it's a lot more blunt and "real" feeling than most books I've read about the Eastern Front, probably because most of the material comes straight from Grossman's journals and didn't have time to get jocked around my the Soviet print media.

    I'll be doing a sort of review-by-day thing for this book, so if anyone has any feedback plz write back :)

    I'm currently reading about the 1941 September battles on the Bryansk front with Petrov's 50th army. Grossman and his associates got here after covering the Soviet summer retreat from Gomel, barely escaping the Kiev encirclement. I have to say he was lucky on more than one occasion to have lived to write these entries...

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