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Beny-sur-Mer Canadian Cemetery

Discussion in 'Beny-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery' started by Jim, Aug 21, 2010.

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    There are 2,049 graves in this cemetery: 2,044 are Canadian, 4 British and 1 French.


    In 1944 provisional cemeteries were set up near the villages of Beny-sur-rner and Reviers; the present site was chosen for its position on rising ground and view of the sea. On the road-side is a double entrance flanked by pillars set in a wall of white limestone, then from stone to vegetation where Maples open out on to a large lawn. The symmetry is impeccable. The rows of Maples are faultlessly aligned with the twin pavilions in which the register of graves and the visitors' book are kept. At that level one can take in the cemetery, the surrounding country and the sea beyond.

    Two small square towers are linked by flagstones. Steps in the centre lead up to the Stone of Remembrance. In front of this is a space bounded by low, trimmed hedges where stand four stone benches, on which to meditate or rest.


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