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British Land Mattress

Discussion in 'Allied Heavy Weapons' started by Jim, May 1, 2011.

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    Projectors being loaded with rockets in the Reichwald Forest area in February 1945. A group of 12 projectors or "guns" each with 32 barrels could lay down a barrage whose fire-power was compatible with that of two hundred and eighty 5.5-in guns firing 100-lb shells. A battery of rocket projectors could be handled by fewer than 200 men, whereas the equivalent fire from 5.5-in guns would require nearly 3,000 men.

    Loading 30.5-kg (67-lb) rockets into the 32-round launchers was an exhausting job, but to be effective rockets had to be fired in big volleys. The first Land Mattress battery fired over 1,000 rounds in six hours during the crossing of the Scheldt.


    Land Mattress was a curious hybrid an army weapon constructed from an aircraft rocket motor and a 5-in naval warhead. Early models were severely restricted in performance since elevation was restricted between 23 ° and 45 °.


    Loaded and ready to fire, the crews make their final checks before taking cover. Fired at a rate of four a second, half the rockets from a 32-round projector would hit a target zone 215m (235 yards) long and 219m (240 yards) wide.


    Land Mattress spent m ore time on the test range than in action. After much experimentation, minimum range was reduced and a light 16-round launcher was developed for jungle warfare.


    Specification: [​IMG]
    Land Mattress (rocket)
    Dimensions: length 1.77 m (69,7 in)
    Weights: overall 30.5 kg (67.25 lb) propellant 5 kg ( 11 lb) payload 3.18 kg (7 lb)
    Performance: maximum velocity 335m (1,100 ft) per second; maximum range 7225m (7,900 yards)

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