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Col. Carl Cooper USMC

Discussion in 'WWII Obituaries' started by GRW, Sep 4, 2021.

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    "BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Colonel Carl Cooper, Retired, U.S. Marines Corps, died Sunday, August 29. 2021. He was 101 years old. He served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.
    The seventh of ten children, Colonel Cooper was the only one of his siblings to go to college. He was studying biology and on his way to medical school when his life and the world changed.
    “The big bomb dropped, and World War II came along. I joined the Marine Corps April 1, 1942.”
    He added, “I raised my right hand and said, ‘I do.’”
    With those two words, Colonel Cooper pledged his lifetime in service to his country.
    “I knew I was going to get some training and get some combat, that was the biggest thing, but I had no idea how it would turn out,” said Colonel Cooper. “But, the Good Lord had His way of handling things.”
    From Birmingham, Ala., then Private Cooper was sent to basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina. After boot camp, he went to Officer Candidates School in Quantico, Virginia. He was sent west to California for more training and then a little further.
    In March of 2021 Col. Cooper celebrated his 101st birthday with a drive-by celebration at his church."
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    three wars! ....I'd like to hear his ''political'' views on wars overall and those wars

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